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Week of February 22, 2021

The nine most important additions to PL/SQL this past decade. Why startups are turning to Oracle for a competitive edge. Five steps to prepare your business for the next global crisis. Also: Understand modern CPUs to optimize Java applications.
“What was impressive about Oracle was the speed. I previously thought of them as a big tanker.”
Dirk Hockerts, Vice President at the startup Starmind
9 new-ish PL/SQL features - image
9 new-ish PL/SQL features
Learn about the nine most important features added over the past decade to PL/SQL, the powerful query language that’s key to unlocking the power of Oracle Database. An update to our recent 12-part series.
Startup edge - image
Startup edge
As interest in B2B tech surges, startups such as Starmind turn to Oracle for a competitive edge. The Oracle for Startups program equips fledgling companies with cloud credits, sales tools, customer contacts, and other resources to help them take flight.
Get crisis-ready - image
Get crisis-ready
Consider these five steps to build resilient and adaptive logistics networks, drawing on lessons shared by supply chain leaders at the packaging company Sonoco, dairy producer Land O’Lakes, and others.
Robot finances - image
Robot finances
If businesses trust robots more than humans to manage certain money matters, as a new global survey by Oracle and personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi finds, how should finance professionals plan to survive and thrive?
Java and the modern CPU - image
Java and the modern CPU
You can understand and optimize application performance by understanding how CPUs, memory, and caches affect execution.
Hands-on tech
How to build applications with the WebSocket API for Java EE and Jakarta EE

Get insight into API Gateway logs using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Logging Analytics

A simple guide to leveraging parallelization for machine learning tasks

Mission-critical patching for Oracle Autonomous Database
Success stories | Education and research
FedEx image
Oxford researchers predict career pay
NZ University - image
NZ university budgets with confidence
Victoria University - image
Data science predicts domestic abuse
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