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Gain insights from the MySQL experts
Explore the world’s #1 open source database on October 15, 2020 at Oracle Developer Live—MySQL. Learn about the latest developments in MySQL 8.0 and the new MySQL Database Service directly from the software engineering team.

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Featured Speakers and Sessions

Welcome Keynote: MySQL 8.0: A Giant Leap for SQL
Tomas Ulin
Tomas Ulin
Vice President, MySQL Engineering, Oracle
Mark Leith
Mark Leith
MySQL Software Development Director, Oracle

Learn what’s new in MySQL 8.0, such as hash joins, CTEs, and JSON support. Get more insights on MySQL Document Store, NoSQL + SQL = MySQL, MySQL InnoDB Cluster, and MySQL Shell.

Jesper Wilsborg
MySQL Performance Tuning

Jesper Wisborg Krogh
Principal Engineer, Database Reliability, Okta
Get a deep dive into performance schema, and learn how to analyze queries with EXPLAIN, EXPLAIN ANALYZE, and Visual Explain. Explore how to use the Performance Schema and sys schema to identify and analyze hot tables, I/O bottlenecks, and lock contention.

Kenny Gryp
MySQL High Availability—InnoDB Cluster and InnoDB ReplicaSet

Kenny Gryp
Principal Product Manager, MySQL, Oracle
See how MySQL InnoDB Cluster provides a complete, high-availability solution for MySQL. Learn how to use Shell to easily set up and manage your MySQL database systems.
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