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Top reasons to attend Oracle Developer Live—MySQL
Join us next week on October 15, 2020 at Oracle Developer Live—MySQL. Connect with the software engineering team to learn about the latest developments in MySQL 8.0 and the new MySQL Database Service.

Gain insights and knowledge from experienced developers and DBAs who use MySQL to power some of the world’s most well-known web properties.
Welcome keynote
Join Tomas Ulin and Mark Leith for the keynote, MySQL 8.0: A Giant Leap for SQL. Learn what’s new in MySQL 8.0, such as hash joins, CTEs, and JSON support. Get more insights on MySQL Document Store (MySQL = NoSQL + SQL), MySQL InnoDB Cluster, and MySQL Shell.
Breakout sessions
Attend breakout sessions to learn about high availability with InnoDB Cluster, upgrading to MySQL 8.0, NoSQL + SQL = MySQL, and MySQL Shell for DBAs.
Panel debate: SQL or NoSQL? Schema or Schemaless?
Participate and ask questions as we invite panelists to debate between the advantages of schema and schemaless.
Hands-on labs
All you need is your laptop. Oracle Cloud Free Tier accounts will be provided. Spaces are limited, and participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Choose from two hands-on labs sessions:
  • Develop and Deploy a Modern Application in Node.js on MySQL Database Service
  • Deploying InnoDB Cluster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using Terraform and Resource Manager

Tips and techniques
Get tips and techniques from fellow developers and database experts in every session. Register now and get agile with MySQL.
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