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Week of November 16, 2020

This week: Oracle’s Larry Ellison discusses the future of CX apps and a whole lot more. Shoppers could get some much-needed retail therapy just in time for the holidays. And startups are taking the drudgery out of human resources. Plus: Get the most from records in PL/SQL.
“We think sales automation should help you sell more, not just forecast better.”
Larry Ellison, Oracle Chairman and CTO
Future of CX - image
Future of CX
Oracle’s Larry Ellison shares thoughts on the changing role of sales force automation apps, the three stages of software maturity, and how the pandemic has forever changed the workplace. Or view the conversation.
Retail therapy - image
Retail therapy
Shoppers have pent-up demand to get back into stores, according to an Oracle Retail survey. Here’s how sellers are using new techniques—such as blending brick-and-mortar stores, curbside pickup, and online shopping.
Superhuman resources - image
Superhuman resources
In this podcast, leaders of human resources startups Hyreo and Rocketmat describe how automation can cut HR drudgery and free up time for the important work of finding and keeping productive, healthy employees.
Pedal to the metal - image
Pedal to the metal
Take a look back to Oracle’s virtual coast-to-coast American road trip, when we visited customers and partners with Duke at the wheel. There’s still a chance to win a Virtual Road Trip t-shirt. Climb in and take the whole journey with us.
Record setting - image
Record setting
Learn how to work with records in PL/SQL, a fundamental technology for getting the most from Oracle Database. And read the whole series.
Hands-on tech
How to send IDCS audit logs to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure logging analytics and get insights

Autoscaling your workload on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Build your own Jenkins plugins with Guice, SezPoz, Stapler, and Jelly

Diving into Java records: Serialization, marshaling, and bean state validation
Success stories | Autonomous Database
Unicomer runs its retail empire - image
Unicomer runs its retail empire
Maxim’s serves up tastier dishes  - image
Maxim’s serves up tastier dishes
retraced keeps ethical sourcing in fashion - image
Retraced keeps ethics in fashion
Analyze Desktop
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