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MySQL Resource Kit
Going from Fast to Faster
MySQL has always been known for its performance, and it keeps getting better. 
MySQL Resource Kit
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December 1 - 3, 2017, Phoenix Park, Australia
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December 4 - 6, 2017, Vancouver, Canada
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Tech17 UKOUG
December 4 - 6, 2017, London, UK
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MySQL Day Johannesburg
December 05, 2017, Johannesburg, South Africa
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Oracle MySQL Day Nairobi
December 05, 2017, Nairobi Kenya
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PHP Brazil
December 6 - 10, 2017, Osasco, Brazil
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Oracle MySQL Day Stockholm
December 06, 2017, Stockholm, Sweden
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On-demand Webinars
MySQL Performance
MySQL Performance: Getting the Basics Right
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MySQL Containers
Using MySQL Containers: Why and How
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Efficient JSON Replication in MySQL 8.0
by Sven Sandberg

MySQL 8.0.3: Binary logging and Replication chains are now enabled by default
by Narendra Chauhan

Contention-Aware Transaction Scheduling Arriving in InnoDB to Boost Performance
by Sunny Bains

MySQL InnoDB Cluster: how to handle performance issue on one member?
by Frédéric Descamps

New optimizer hint for changing the session system variable.
by Sergey Glukhov

MySQL Clients and emojis!
by Frédéric Descamps

Where does my MySQL configuration variable value come from?
by Frédéric Descamps

MySQL Adds Fedora 27 Support
by Yngve Svendsen
MySQL 8.0 Data Dictionary Tables… and why they should stay protected
by Frédéric Descamps
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Product Releases
New Release: MySQL Workbench6.3.10 (GA)
View the complete list of changes

New Release: MySQL Connector/Net 6.10.4 (GA)
View the complete list of changes
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Training and Certification
Oracle has MySQL training primarily for two main roles, The MySQL Database Administrator and the MySQL Database Developer. Each of these tracks can lead to an exciting career with MySQL. MySQL is and has been the #1 database for the web for many years. 

In fact, MySQL is used by all 10 of the most trafficked Web sites in the world including Facebook which has over 2 billion users.

Recommended training for each of these roles is listed below:
   MySQL Administrators
   MySQL Developers
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