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Oracle Database 21c Now Available On Linux
William Hardie

Create Graph Databases with Graph Studio
James Steiner

ProximaSafe: Joining the Dots in OCI to build a Stream Analysis Lab
Gabriele Provinciali

Speed Matters! Why Choosing the Right Database is Critical for Best Customer Experience?
Kiran Makarla, and Dave Rubin

Dave Stokes

How to normalize your tables to improve data quality
Write Great SQL Office Hours

Deploy Oracle REST Data Services with high availability on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Machine Learning for Python now available on Linux with Oracle Database 21c
Mark Hornick

In-database XGBoost and other new features in Oracle Database 21c
Mark Hornick

Metrics for Regression Using OML4Py
Jie Liu

A Simple Guide to Parameter Passing Using the OML4Py REST API
Sherry LaMonica

Running Oracle Database-backed Django web applications on Apache
Sharad Chandran R

Connecting to Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database through SQLAlchemy
Sharad Chandran R

Connecting to Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database with Django
Sharad Chandran R, and Suraj Shaw

Data Modeling with Oracle SQL Developer: The Movie
Jeff Smith

Oracle Database 21c is available for download on Linux
Mike Dietrich

Instant Client for Linux available here, here.
Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast
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Heating up with MySQL: A conversation with both MySQL community managers on the latest in the community and the technology

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