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March 2021 Edition Oracle Integration & Process Partner Community Newsletter

Grow the Oracle Cloud business and connect, extend & innovate Oracle SaaS solutions.
Dear Partner Community,
In the last 6 months we offered thirteen Oracle Integration Bootcamps for Partners. More than 900 persons attended these 3 days hands-on training's. More than 2100 persons are on the waiting list, therefor we offer three additional workshops, please see below registration details, in the next months. Thanks for spending your valuable time to become trained and certified. Oracle Integration connects SaaS service like HC, CX and ERP. Pre-build integration adapters accelerate your SaaS implementation and reduce project risk. What is the impact of this huge investment by our partners? 8 of the top 10 Oracle Integration customers are implemented by partners! Congratulations and thanks for your success. Trained and certified consultants implement successful customer projects.

In the process & innovation section Daniel Teixeira stared a process automation series. In part one he highlights the Process Cloud Service concepts and how to get started.
Jürgen Kress
For a short summary of our monthly key information watch the PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The March edition highlights the hands-on Integration Bootcamp and the Oracle Hospitality Innovation Week.
In this month’s community webcast Luis Weir and Niall Commiskey will present how to combine OHIP and Oracle Integration to connect Opera with Oracle SaaS. Please join the Partner Community Webcast March 30th 2021. On-demand webcast recordings are available at the Oracle Video Hub.

Want to publish your best practice article & news in the next community newsletter? Please feel free to send it via Twitter @soaCommunity #PaaSCommunity.

Keep safe!
Jürgen Kress
Table Of Contents
Community Announcements

Integration Cloud Banner
Integration Cloud and OHIP: A Match Made in Heaven - Webcast
March 30, 16:30 - 17:30
CET (Berlin time)
The Hospitality IT landscape is complex and fragmented. View this session to accelerate your digital transformation with pre-integrated connectivity to Oracle as well as third-party SaaS and on-premises apps, run-ready process automation templates, and an intuitive visual app builder.
Topics include:
• Oracle Integration for Hospitality
• Oracle Integration demo
• Learn how to get started

Speaker: Luis Weir and Niall Commiskey
Schedule: Tuesday, March 30, 16:30 – 17:30 CET (Berlin time)
Free on-demand PaaS Partner Community Webcasts
Thanks for attending our monthly community webcasts. Every month a speaker from the Oracle product management teams presents the latest updates on the Oracle Cloud Platform. In case you missed one of them, take the opportunity to watch our community webcasts on-demand:
PaaS Partner YouTube Banner
PaaS Partner YouTube Update
March 2021
The March video includes three topics:

• Oracle Integration hands-on Bootcamps
• Oracle Hospitality Week
• OHIP Webcast
    For regular updates please subscribe to our YouTube channel here. Thanks for your likes and sharing the video on YouTube and LinkedIn. For the latest PaaS Community information please visit our Community update wiki here (Community membership required).
    SaaS Hands On Bootcamps Banner
    Integrate SaaS hands-on Bootcamps Webtraining
    Do you want to find out why Gartner named Oracle as a Leader in Magic Quadrant for three years in a row? Are you able to innovate quickly in the new digital world? Are you looking for ways to integrate systems and data faster using a modern cloud integration platform? Attend the Oracle Integration Bootcamp, a three days hands-on training for Oracle partners!

    • South America (Portuguese) March 16 - 19, 2021
    • South America (Spanish) March 30 - April 1, 2021
    • EMEA April 6 - 8, 2021

    Get the latest OIC training material here (community membership required).
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    Oracle Implementation Certifications
    Enablement and certification is key to cloud succe
    At the Oracle Competence Center and Online Learning Library partners can attend free on-line classes and certifications. Free vouchers for the implementation exam (USD 245) are part of your OPN benefits. To request them please contact your Oracle partner manager.
      Oracle Application Integration Cloud Platform 2020 Sales Specialist (free)
      Oracle Application Integration Cloud Platform 2020 Solution Engineer Specialist (free)
      Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2020 Specialist | 1Z0-1042-20
      In case you can not access the online guided learning path and a free online assessment please contact the OPN team here.

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      Integration Section

      Oracle Integration Banner
      Oracle Integration Playground
      Permanent service for Partners free of charge! Want to try, test and get trained on Oracle Integration? Use our OIC playground - a shared permanent environment.
      It’s a shared instance for Oracle Integration Partners community members only, so:
      - use your business email address as your user id (not yahoo or gmail)
      - don’t delete anything you didn’t create
      - do not store any customer data
      - do not give anybody external direct access to this instance
      - when you create any Integration artifacts e.g. connections, integration flows etc. put your initials in the name and your email address in the description. Once registered go here to access the instance. If asked for Cloud Tenant, then enter “bots4saas”.

      Remember to use the documentation, tutorials and learning material at Any issues, questions or feedback please use the Slack workspace
      Oracle Hospitality Innovation Week March 2021
      Accelerating Innovation for the New Next with Innovation Week 2021. Register today for our live and on-demand digital events and attend a series of virtual events and webinars. The online offering invites partners to join Oracle integration experts for an unprecedented dialogue: to explore the best ideas for hospitality solutions and find pathways to make them a reality.

      APAC Oracle Integration Update Webcast Series
      Oracle Integration Product Management will present a bi-monthly update webinar for Oracle Integration customers. These sessions will be 1 to 1.5 hours in length and will cover new release information, specific product features, and general updates. The purpose is to keep the APAC Oracle Integration customer community up to date with all things Oracle Integration.

      Using FlexDeploy with Oracle Integration Cloud A Customer Success Story
      After an initial FlexDeploy implementation for E-Business Suite, Oracle SOA Suite, and Enterprise Data Warehouse, one FlexDeploy customer quickly expanded usage across their enterprise. The team’s Applications Manager explained “we saw so much benefit and such immediate gains that we said if we’re going to implement new software, can it work with FlexDeploy? And if it can’t, maybe we don’t want to do it.”

      Webinar: The API’s the limit: Why automated integration will see you succeed in the cloud
      Join Computing Magazine’s Stuart Sumner (Editorial Director), Andrew Hobbs (Content Strategist), and Ian Wallis (Oracle Integration and Digital Experience Director), as well as Vikas Sharma (Technical Lead, Charles Taylor InsureTech), to explore how organisations across the board seek to compete in the so-called API economy.
      • How can businesses profit from highly volatile market conditions, while continuing to provide rapid, personalized interactions?
      • Why do 78% agree that an integrated technology estate is vital to today’s data-driven organisation?
      • How have global events impacted—and galvanised—the migration of data, workloads, and applications to the cloud?

      OIC February 21 Release - New Features by Niall Commiskey
      We have a compelling set of new features in the February 21 release.
      Again thanks to Antony and Lilly for the official blog post here
      What an intelligent looking dog! Also please refer to the What's New doc for a exhaustive list of new features. So, without further ado here are my highlights - I have organized these as follows -

      Edit XSLT Source Code in OIC Mapper UI by Ishruthilaya Malarvizhi
      This blog is for a new feature coming out in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) February 2021 release.
      Previously the XSLT source code corresponding to a map, was available in read only mode in Mapper UI. With this new feature, the editing of the XSL source code is allowed in the Mapper UI in the 'Code' tab like below:
      This action is useful for use cases in which mapping is not possible in the graphical mapper. This eliminates the need to export your XSLT code from Oracle Integration, edit the code manually in a text editor or in a separate graphical tool such as Eclipse or Oracle JDeveloper and then re-import the code into the mapper in Oracle Integration.

      February 2021 Oracle Integration Fusion Application Adapters Enhancements by Prakash Masand
      Oracle Integration is a customer preferred Integration platform for Integrating with Oracle Fusion Applications viz. ERP Cloud, Engagement Cloud, and HCM Cloud. Oracle Integration Feb 2021 update brings in even further functional enrichments to the already feature-rich Oracle Fusion Application adapters and continues the lead as a customer choice of platform for integration.
      In February 2021 update we are pleased to announce the following updates to the Oracle Fusion Application adapters:
      1) Support for EFF/DFF flex fields in REST resources
      Oracle Fusion applications support associating descriptive (a.k.a. DFF fields) or extensible (a.k.a. EFF fields) flexfield with which you can create custom attributes for the business objects.

      An easy way to handle the Oracle ERP Callback when importing data by Daniel Teixeira
      One of the main benefits of using the Oracle ERP Adapter is the capability to easily receive the Callbacks of a previously triggered FBDI job. Triggering the FBDI job is great, but without knowing the result, the whole process lacks consistency.
      This post will focus on the Callback. Have a look at this one, that covers the mechanism to Import files into ERP.
      Enable Callback
      We need to modify the Import Integration from the previous post, and that is selecting the option Enable Callback. This is quite simplified now. In the past we would need to refer to the Integration Name and Id for this to work. Now, the CallBack is an Event published by ERP. Then we create a new Integration to handle the Callback.

      Linking OCI to ServiceNow via Oracle Integration by Michael Chen
      Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is often used to connect to SaaS apps such as Salesforce and ERP. In my case, that app is a ServiceNow developer instance. Common integration patterns involve sending data between SaaS apps, whether in a one-to-one or multi-pronged approach. However, it is also possible to set up integration with OCI services that emit events. This is commonly done through the use of Oracle Functions, a "serverless platform that lets developers create, run, and scale applications without managing any infrastructure." The general structure of such an approach is the following:
      • Some OCI service emits an event
      • An OCI Event is configured to capture this event
      • This event is linked to a function, which is triggered
      • An OCI Function invokes an integration
      Design Overview
      Use case: manage cloud compute networks using ServiceNow tables. A customer wanted to manage the VMs that they created in various clouds using their ServiceNow account, which they were already familiar with.

      Embedding Oracle Integration Insight dashboards : Quickly and Easily by Sandhya Lakshmi Gopalan
      Integration Insight in Oracle Integration empowers business users by providing a real-time view into their business processes. In addition to viewing Insight dashboards within the Oracle Integration console, Insight offers the capability to embed business dashboards in other applications.
      For example:
      • If your business involves order management and you already have your business users using Oracle Cloud ERP to manage your orders, you can embed Insight dashboards for the order process in Cloud ERP. This provides business users with a single consolidated view within Cloud ERP, without needing to sign into Oracle Integration to view the Insight dashboards.
      • If you have a financial business process, with a front-end application that is used by business users, Insight dashboards can be embedded in the front-end application to show real-time business process metrics that can assist in making business decisions.

      OIC & OCI API Gateway Integration: Quick and Easy by Varinder Kaur
      This blog is for a new feature coming out in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) February 2021 release.
      If you are interested in OCI API Gateway Integration, then read this blog as it covers the steps needed to seamlessly integrate with API Gateway. The API Gateway service enables you to publish APIs with private endpoints that are accessible from within your network, and which you can expose with public IP addresses if you want them to accept internet traffic. Now you can create an Oracle OCI API Gateway Deployment from a OIC Rest based Integration. The API deployment will be created with routing rules pointing to the activated integration.
      Assumption: OIC user has already created API Gateway or access to API Gateway. Creating a Deployment from OIC :
      • Configure in API Management settings with OCI Signature V1 Policy : Configure the properties - tenancy OCID, user OCID, fingerprint, private key and passphrase(if present). These properties can be found under your profile menu, tenancy and user settings. Click on Save button after configuring the values, it will validate the credentials and save API gateway settings.

      API Gateway Deployment by Niall Commiskey
      The February 21 of OIC release brings OCI API Gateway Connectivity to OIC. So, as you can see, I have my Gateway. Now I create an API Gateway connection in OIC.

      Reactivate All Integrations Together that Use the Same Connection by Shubham Agrawal
      This blog is for a new feature coming out in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) February 2021 release. This blog covers the issue of applying the changed connection properties to the active integrations.
      A connection can be used by multiple integration. If connection is updated then Active integrations don't reflect until they are re-activated. After updating the connection, user currently has to manually go to each integration and re-activate to reflect the updated connection. As an Oracle Integration Cloud user after connection update, user should be able to reactivate all the active integration which are using the same connection.
      What does it cover
      Users can reactivate the associated integrations for the connection they are trying to update.

      Convert from Schedule to REST based integration by Vijay Kendai
      This blog is for a new feature coming out in Oracle Integration (OIC) February 2021 release.
      Currently in Orchestration, after a trigger has been added, the user does not have the ability to replace it with another trigger. The user essentially has to re-create the integration to achieve this. With this feature, users will be provided with the ability to replace a trigger with minimal impact and without having the need to re-construct various actions in the canvas. After conversion, users will be provided with appropriate warnings and errors to take any corrective action needed, to bring the integration to a configured state.
      What is covered ?
      In the first phase, only scheduled orchestrations will be addressed.

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      Business Process Management & Innovation Section

      Process Automation with Process Cloud Service (PCS) – Part 1 by Daniel Teixeira
      Earlier in my career I worked extensively with a Business Process Management (BPM) software called Cordys (meanwhile acquired by OpenText). Had a couple of trainings on BEA Aqualogic BPM Suite (now Oracle). Later on, while working for TIBCO I had several trainings and a bit of project experience with their BPM solution.
      Most of the BPM concepts are familiar to me, but over the years they became quite rusty So this is a good time to dive a bit more into a component of the Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC). I am talking about the Process Cloud Service (PCS), and this will be a series of posts dedicated to exploring PCS capabilities! Somehow BPM seems to be out of use nowadays and Process Automation became the trendy designation!
      The Concepts
      Processes are based on BPM Notation (BPMN) – “A standard Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) will provide businesses with the capability of understanding their internal business procedures in a graphical notation and will give organizations the ability to communicate these procedures in a standard manner. “
      The Use Case
      In the upcoming posts I will work out a very simple, yet relatable, use case. A process to manage an employee vacation request. Granted, if you are self employed this makes no sense, but if you work for a company with a couple hundred or thousands of employees, then the need to manage this process becomes obvious.
      Departments/Teams internal planning may require a process to manage this, and on top of that, they may have some business rules that need to be implemented ( example: an entire team cannot take vacations at the same time).
      Create the Process
      I choose to Create an Application. That will give us a blank canvas to create everything from scratch. There are several QuickStarts, which are ready to run sample Processes. In this post I will build the entire process step by step. Read the complete article here.

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