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Week of March 8, 2021

Five women at Oracle are helping in the fight against COVID-19. “Digital twin” ecosystems make cities smarter and better places to live. Tips for federal agencies moving to the cloud. Also: A look back at the top Java stories of 2020—including the 25 greatest Java applications ever written.
“It is such an important initiative—the extra work hasn’t been a hardship because being part of the solution is exactly what I wanted to be doing in 2020.”
Sharon Kennedy, Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle APEX Development
Fighting Covid-19 - images
Fighting COVID-19
Meet five Oracle women who are making important contributions to the COVID-19 fight, from building applications that will help manage data for tens of millions of patients to supporting researchers who are studying treatments and vaccines.
Smarter cities - images
Smarter cities
“Digital twins” are helping make cities such as Rotterdam, Helsinki, and Rennes better places to live. But while elements of this technology are being used well today, to achieve full potential these systems must be connected citywide into one ecosystem.
4 cloud migration tips - image
4 cloud migration tips
Experts who’ve gotten their hands dirty with cloud migration share pro tips to help federal agencies make the transition.
Cut cloud costs - image
Cut cloud costs
Ten tips to cut your cloud spending, such as tagging cloud resources with metadata, consolidating databases, and letting Oracle Cloud Advisor (that’s software, not a person) tell you when to shut down unused projects. Tips 1–5 and 6–10.
Best of Java - image
Best of Java
We look back at last year’s top Java Magazine stories including our take on the 25 best Java applications ever, the exciting new features in Java 15, and Java toys to boost productivity.
Hands-on tech
Getting started with Oracle Machine Learning for Python

Oracle Database Multilingual Engine and the future of server-side programming in Oracle APEX

Graph machine learning with PyPGX and OML4Py

Announcing cloning for File Storage service
Success stories | Autonomous Database
Pompeii image
Pompeii site reopens to tourists
Wilson’s Truck Lines - image
Wilson’s Truck Lines speeds logistics
CWT Globelink - image
CWT Globelink cuts development costs
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