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Week of June 14, 2021

TaylorMade Golf aces its supply chain as pandemic restrictions cause demand to stall, then surge. A startup brings blockchain protection to 3D printing. Xactly, which provides revenue intelligence software, makes a “no-brainer” move to Oracle Cloud. Also: how to use lambda expressions to declutter code.
“We were able to understand what we had to do when demand dropped off, and also when it started taking off again. We had to do this multiple times as the situation changed.”
Dave Brownie, Senior Vice President, Global Operations, TaylorMade Golf
Fore! - image
The pandemic drove wild demand fluctuations for TaylorMade Golf, as people initially stopped playing golf entirely and then hit the links in droves to find socially distant fun. In the end, 2020 was a record year—with help in the supply chain from Oracle Cloud.
Blockchain bonanza  - image
Blockchain bonanza
Blockchain is about a lot more than cryptocurrency. Learn about six companies in the Oracle for Startups program that are using blockchain to transform digital supply chains, 3D printing, estate planning, and more.
LGBTQ rights   - image
LGBTQ rights
Oracle stated opposition to legislation restricting the access of LGBTQ people in society, joining with 100 other companies.
Cleaning up   - image
Cleaning up
Lambda expressions can greatly reduce code clutter. Learn from Java author Venkat Subramaniam how to use lists, lambdas, and method references for functional programming in Java.
Hands-on tech
Oracle expands the portfolio of free Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services

Load and transform data from Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications to build a data lake or data warehouse

You don’t always need an application server to run Jakarta EE applications

JSON, Part 1: Store semi-structured documents in Oracle Database with SQL
Success stories | OCI
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Tical reduces data recovery time 98%
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Disrptiv Exchange cuts costs 25%
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DMA boosts performance more than 100%
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