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Week of April 26, 2021

The Cheltenham Festival picks a streaming video winner for its annual horse races. Three businesses in different industries get the benefits of the cloud while maintaining the control of running infrastructure inside their own data center. Outback Steakhouse figures out how to best grill steaks for takeout. Also: Use Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service to trigger events and send email alerts.
“You have to be able to predict that initial volume—that’s a science in itself—but you also have to be able to react as more people come in. And you can’t do that manually...because by the time you understand what’s happening, it’s already too late.”
Stefan Birrer, Cofounder and Chief Software Architect, Phenix Real-Time Solutions
Winning wager - image
Winning wager
The Cheltenham Festival horse races partnered with Phenix Real-Time Solutions for video streaming. Running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Phenix’s platform delivered up to 478,000 concurrent streams with less than half-second latency and synchronized traffic across all end user devices—particularly important for betting.
Bringing cloud home - image
Bringing cloud home
A Canadian university, Japanese telco, and Luxembourg insurer enjoy cloud flexibility while keeping data at home with Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer. Japan’s NTT West, for example, reduced system processing time by 40%.
Well done - image
Well done
Prior to the pandemic, 10% of Outback Steakhouse’s business was takeout; that quickly became 100%, testing the Australian chain’s online ordering system. Now, with customers back in restaurants, Outback uses the system to deliver personalized service to patrons.
Concomitant conundrum - image
Concomitant conundrum
Clinical trials face delays and cost overruns due to patients taking other medications. But digital tools can make it easier for patients to report these “concomitant medications,” helping pharmaceutical companies run trials that are faster and less costly.
Move faster - image
Move faster
Event-driven applications facilitate immediate action, such as seizing sales opportunities or resolving customer problems. Learn to create a new table in Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service that will trigger an event and send an email notification to get people moving.
Hands-on tech
Using ICAP to scale antimalware protection for SaaS services

Flexible network load balancer sandwich topology with Check Point CloudGuard Network Security

Announcing the inter-region latency dashboard for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Even more greatness packed into Java 16, including tools for improving future JVMs
Success stories | ERP
India pistons - image
Car parts maker gets in gear
Tindall-Riley image
Insurance management firm streamlines
SAC wireless - image
5G supplier renews finance, operations
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