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News, Articles, Blogs, Videos
News, Articles, Blogs, Videos
Selections from Recent Months
Joel Kallman Day
Tim Hall

New podcast episode! ORACLE-BASE enters the chat
Connor McDonald

Video & Slides: Oracle SQL 5 Year Party and Demo
Jeff Smith

Two-phase commits with node-oracledb 5.3
Christopher Jones

Try Oracle APEX 21.2 on!
Chaitanya Koratamaddi

How APEX Changed my Life
Monica Godoy

Build data-centric web applications quickly with Python and Django
Yuli Vasiliev

ODP.NET 21c What's New - Binary JSON and Client Initiated Continuous Query Notification
Alex Keh

Oracle Autonomous Database Vanity URLs Part 2: Blocking Developer and Administrator Tools
Todd Bottger

Debugging Compute instances using the new serial console features
Ashton Eby

PL/SQL Microservice - Simple, Concise, Fast
Richard Exley

JSON in Oracle Database Office Hours
Beda Hammerschmidt, Loïc Lefèvre

Oracle Global Leaders Technical Series 2021: Autonomous Database Sessions

The story behind a COVID-19 exposure-tracking application in Finland
Heli Helskyaho

Video: Tracking COVID-19 Exposures in Finland
Gerald Venzl