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Week of May 3, 2021

Five startups use multiple cloud providers to cut costs and take advantage of specialized capabilities. Financial institutions fight fraud, including pet adoption scams. Also: Hear how the emerging field of AIOps can help with IT operations.
“Being able to support environments that run in any cloud environment gives us more flexibility, more deployment options, and it’s really a huge key to our success.”
Naresh Jain, Cofounder, Snapper Future Tech
Multicloud strategy - image
Multicloud strategy
Learn why five startups take a multicloud approach, spreading workloads across cloud services from Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.
Democratizing insights - image
Democratizing insights
Data warehouses deliver brilliant insights, but only after specialists painstakingly source, load, transform, and cleanse data. Oracle’s next-generation Autonomous Data Warehouse democratizes the technology, making it easy for pretty much anyone to get data in and value out.
COVID crime - image
COVID crime
Financial crime thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic, and new types of fraud sprung up, such as pet adoption scams. Machine learning and other technologies can help financial institutions protect their customers and themselves.
Automating IT - image
Automating IT
On the Groundbreakers Podcast, Oracle’s Sandesh Rao describes the emerging field of AIOps—and how AI can help tech pros monitor and manage complex IT environments.
Crash tested  - image
Crash tested
Altair’s simulation technology helps the world’s most demanding industries with jobs such as testing the aerodynamics of a fighter jet or modeling a car crash. Running on Oracle Cloud delivered a 20% performance gain for that work.
Hands-on tech
A guide to selecting the right transportation management system

Computer vision examples using Oracle’s data science platform

Deploying highly available Redis replication with HAProxy on OCI

A simple guide to adding rules to security lists using OCI command-line interface
Success stories | Human resources
Almuftah - image
Qatari conglomerate deepens insights
Gallagher - image
Insurer modernizes employee experience
Ooba - image
Loan service spans remote work gap
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