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How Oracle HPC is speeding drug discovery

November 2020
“Modeling billions of molecule combinations against the key proteins that COVID-19 needs to reproduce requires enormous calculations,” says computational chemist Andrew Jennings, who is looking for compounds that bind to the target cell structure’s surface, stopping the virus from replicating. “Many big pharma companies don’t have the clusters they need to handle these workloads.” Jennings relies on the rendering platform GridMarkets (which runs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) to simulate vaccine activity in less than 24 hours.

Oracle’s new high-performance computing (HPC) offering boasts a variety of powerful hardware, including NVIDIA’s new A100 GPUs for extremely large networking clusters of up to 512 GPUs. As Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA recently explained in an Oracle Live event, accelerated computing requires fast access to domain-specific libraries, such as NVIDIA’s CUDA-X AI.

But the most amazing part is how all of this is readily accessible inside your OCI console. What HPC application most intrigues you? Write me with your thoughts.

Alexandra Weber Morales, Oracle Director of Developer Content
AMD, Ampere, Intel, and NVIDIA chief executives discuss why complex workloads are moving to Oracle Cloud

Scientists find an avenue to attack the coronavirus, aided by cloud imaging
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