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Resilient Finance and Operations
Resilient Finance and Operations

Oracle webinar with Evosys

London Borough of Lambeth case study: Collaborative planning in an uncertain world
Following a period of disruption like no other in our lifetime, companies are looking for ways to emerge with renewed growth. The most innovative organizations are making bold moves to pivot and gain market share.

Companies are recapturing growth by:
  • Accelerating their cloud adoption
  • Improving collaboration and decision-making with connected finance, HR, and operations planning
  • Responding to uncertainties with predictive scenario modelling
If your business has multiple systems across divisions, this creates departmental silos, and slows down operations (such as launching a new product) and processes (such as closing the books), inhibiting growth. But if your data is connected across departments, it leads to deeper, faster, more actionable insights, operationally connected plans, and better risk and opportunity management.

With a collaborative planning approach, the Lambeth Council is improving decision-making, cutting costs, and freeing up resources by implementing Oracle finance and HR applications.

Watch our webinar and learn from the London Lambeth Council how connected data and collaborative planning are reinvigorating organizations.

  • Hamant Bharadia, Assistant Director of Finance and Deputy, London Borough of Lambeth
  • Gary Barnes, Global Senior Vice President, Evosys
  • Wayne Heather, Director EPM Product Marketing, Oracle
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