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Week of June 21, 2021

Arm processors are moving into cloud data centers, and here’s why that’s important. Oracle APEX developer builds app to get her kids to read, now 500,000 people use it. Two big differences between Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Snowflake. Also: Use GeoPandas to build Internet of Things and other location-aware applications.
“Anything that can push down costs 20% is a godsend, and Arm does this.”
Kevin Jorissen, Distinguished HPC Cloud Architect, Oracle
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Strong Arm
Low-power Arm chips drove the smartphone revolution, and now they’re moving to the cloud data center, bringing cost reductions, increased flexibility, and power-saving design. The transition is important for businesses and software developers.
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Eleven years after Michelle Skamene built an app using Oracle Application Express (APEX) to encourage her 6- and 8-year-old sons to read, Reading Rewards enjoys global success with more than 500,000 users.
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Oracle vs. Snowflake
Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Snowflake both excel at consolidating data from multiple sources for later analysis. When data architecture starts getting complex, the differences begin to show.
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School days
US community colleges are evaluating which pandemic-driven changes to their operations are likely to be permanent. Four trends will reshape these institutions in the coming year.
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Location, location, pandas
Learn how to use GeoPandas—an open source library combining the analytical power of pandas with spatial capabilities—to run queries and analyze spatial data for Internet of Things and other applications requiring locational awareness.
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Edelbrock cuts reporting time in half
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Consis cuts costs in half
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Zebra accelerates growth
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