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Week of January 4, 2021

This week: Hearst leaps from the green screen to the cloud, shoe company Bata polishes omnichannel marketing, and a high-performance computing cloud comes to businesses west of the Andes. Plus: Learn to use cursors for private SQL areas to get the most from PL/SQL.
“We leapfrogged from 1990s technology right over the phases of client/server and browser-based applications.”
David Hovstadius, Senior Vice President of Finance Operations, Hearst
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Top news
Hearst, a diversified media and information services company, went from legacy finance applications and minimal HR technologies to the cloud, breaking down silos built from decades of acquisitions and achieving new levels of insights.
Best foot forward - image
Best foot forward
Shoe company Bata’s commitment to omnichannel marketing and sales pays off as the pandemic shifts shopping from physical stores to online, where “Angela,” a customer persona, demands the best fashion and comfort.
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Chat smarts
Startup BotSupply delivers insights on chatbot interactions with customers and employees to help find new revenue streams and boost customer experience.
Cloud in Chile - image
Cloud in Chile
Oracle’s 29th cloud region worldwide recently opened in Santiago, Chile, bringing high-performance cloud options to businesses west of the Andes.
Working with cursors - image
Working with cursors
Cursors provide pointers to private SQL areas, unlocking the power of PL/SQL. Find out how to get the most from cursors. And read the entirety of our PL/SQL 101 series to master the language that’s fundamental to Oracle Database.
Hands-on tech
Refactoring Java: Regaining business agility by simplifying legacy code

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Latest Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP) release debuts with more than 3,000 API capabilities
Success stories | Human capital management
Equity Residential - image
Equity Residential hires smarter
Overhead Door - image
Overhead Door consolidates
Mack Trucks - image
Memphis recruits emergency workers
Oracle Developer Live—AI and ML for Your Enterprise
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Europe, Middle East, and Africa: January 28
APAC: February 2

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