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Oracle Security and Continuity Sales Play Webcast

Wednesday 14 October 2020 - 11:00 AM CET
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Enterprise customers are facing increased security and data protection challenges, because of number of attacks, breaches, regulations and more services running on the cloud augmenting the attack surface.

CISO, CFO and COO priorities are to reduce operation risk and maintain a comprehensive security across the full stack: OnPremise and multi-vendor SaaS, PaaS, IaaS.

The Oracle Active Defense approach helps customers safe-guarding users, apps, data, infrastructure with a security-first approach and is:

  • Architected-in: full-stack protection
  • Automated: actions and threat response
  • Always-on: seamless protection

Oracle helps organizations to build and maintain intelligent security operations centers (SOC) to protect hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The artificially intelligent cloud platform uses machine learning to detect, prevent, respond to, and predict security threats that affect users, apps, data, and infrastructure.

Join this exclusive EMEA OPN Partner webcast to learn more about the key Security and Continuity sales plays for FY21 and how to engage.

  • Sales Plays Overview
  • Users: Identity governance, management, and access (Identity Management Enterprise and Identity Cloud, Log Management)
  • Apps: Cloud access security broker (CASB-CloudGuard) and user behaviour analytics (UBA)
  • Data: Data privacy, encryption, and masking (onPrem DBSEC and Cloud with DataSafe)
  • Infrastructure Security as a differentiator: security by default in the OCI Gen 2 that supports Oracle Cloud (Iaas, PaaS and SaaS), key management, web application firewall
  • Partner Resources
  • Q&A

  • Francisco Blasco, Oracle Alliances & Channels Western Europe
  • Luca Martelli , Head of Business Development & Product Strategy, EMEA
  • Sales and Business Development teams of Oracle Partners, responsible for Security, CTOs