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Week of May 10, 2021

The Premier League will add real-time “Match Insights—Powered by Oracle Cloud” to broadcasts this coming season. South Korean logistics provider Hanjin Transportation manages the financial complexity of global commerce. Learn about encapsulation for safer, simpler Java software. Also: Tech company Visy applies computer vision to shipping.
“We are always looking at new ways to bring the Premier League to life and enhance the analysis of the competition.”
Richard Masters, Chief Executive, Premier League
Goal! - image
Fans of Premier League football will get even more from the game through a new collaboration using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to bring real-time analytics to broadcasts, delivering insights about on-field performance and tactics.
Logistics ledger - image
Logistics ledger
Logistics providers are stalwart conduits of global commerce, especially critical in this COVID-19 era. Managing that complexity is a financial challenge as much as operational, prompting South Korea’s Hanjin Transportation to deploy Oracle Cloud ERP.
Long-distance relief - image
Long-distance relief
Startup Prosperdtx helps deliver remote healthcare by integrating multiple sources of patient data into a single patient health record and then running machine learning on that record to deliver insights.
Java enhancements - image
Java enhancements
New versions of Java are made safer and simpler using enhanced encapsulation techniques. Java guru Ben Evans tells developers what they need to know to avoid problems in code.
Keeping goods moving - image
Keeping goods moving
Finnish software company Visy uses AI-driven computer vision to hustle shipping containers through borders. The technology can scan how a container is placed on a trailer, for example, so cranes can get in perfect position before a load arrives.
Hands-on tech
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Success stories | Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Grupo Davis - image
Grupo Davis streamlines operations
Eazy - image
Eazy ERP cuts downtime and costs
LuxSci - image
LuxSci protects healthcare info
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