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For a short summery of our monthly key information watch the PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The October edition highlights the free certification & learning subscription and the Hands-on conversational AI training.
In this month’s community webcast Grant Ronald will present how to build an awesome digital assistant experience. Please join the Partner Community Webcast October 26th 2021. On-demand webcast recordings are available at the Oracle Video Hub.
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Community Announcements

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Helping you build awesome digital assistant experience
PaaS Partner Community Webcast October 26th
As a relatively new technology, we know that there are challenges in understanding the best practices for building conversational digital assistants. What are the common strategies for dealing with ambiguity, unresolved requests, preparing for multi-lingual assistants or how to best train the NLP models?
To help our partners and customers build better digital assistants the ODA Development Team have set up a Center of Excellence that not only researches and tests best practices, but we also offer periodic code reviews, architectural advice and guidance on conversation design and the implementation of these best practices. In this session Grant Ronald, Senior Director of Product Management will introduce the services of the ODA Center of Excellence and how you can engage with the group.

Speaker: Grant Ronald
Schedule: October 26th 16:30-17:30 CET (Berlin time)
For details please visit the registration page here.
Take the opportunity to watch our community webcasts on-demand:
Take the opportunity to watch our community webcasts on-demand:
Innovate PeopleSoft with an intelligent chat assistant
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How to connect your B2B ecosystem using Oracle Integration
Connect, Innovate & Extend SaaS Partner Launch
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How Process Workflow can extend the role of Integration
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Chatbot Design best practices for Conversational UX
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Innovate HCM with Chatbots
ERP Integration with Application Adapters
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Extend SaaS with Visual Builder Cloud Service
Integration Adapters
Integrate SaaS

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Cloud Platform Partner YouTube Update October 2021
The October video includes three topics:
• Get started to connect SaaS free certification & learning subscription
• Hands-on conversational AI training
• Oracle Digital Assistant Webcast

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On-Demand Training
India November 2nd, 4th, 9th 2021
EMEA, October 19th , 21st & 26th 2021
US & Canada, October 5th, 7th & 12th 2021

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Oracle Implementation Certifications
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SOA Modernization Overview
Integration Section
OIC Pub/Sub with OCI Streaming by Niall Commiskey
The simple use case here - publish and subscribes to events from Shopify.
Normally I would be doing this with orders, however, my trial Shopify account doesn't allow me to create orders, so I'm leveraging Products here. But, I know you are all experts at extrapolating.
Now someone may think of using Pub/Sub pattern available when creating a new integration in OIC. However, as you can see - it has been deprecated.
The publish to OIC integration style has been deprecated. Oracle recommends that you use app-driven orchestration and use an invoke to publish a message into the OIC streaming service. Read the complete article here.

OIC Pub/Sub with OCI Streaming Part 2 by Niall Commiskey
Here we have multiple subscribers, let's call them cg01 and cg02 - cg standing for the consumer group. The previous post had 1 subscriber, now we are looking at 2. This is very easy to implement. One just needs separate integrations per subscriber, it's what you would require anyway. So let's check out my OIC artefacts -
AA-StreamingProducts-Subscribe is configured to subscribe as consumer cg01. AA-StreamingProducts-Subscribe-CG02 is configured to subscribe as consumer cg02.

OIC Pub/Sub with OCI Streaming Part 3 by Niall Commiskey
This final post in the series covers using the OCI Streaming adapter as a Trigger.
This requires us to specify a connectivity agent in the connection definition. My Streaming api endpoint is public, so the connectivity agent can run anywhere e.g. on my laptop.
Here I leverage my agent group - NIALLC_AGENTGROUP. Now to the integration with OCI Streaming as a trigger.

Ways to download connectivity agent Oracle Integration by Ankur Jain
The connectivity agent is used to establish the communication between SaaS and on-premises applications. Before you create the connection with on-premises applications in Oracle Integration, you must have to download the connectivity agent and install it on the host machine.
There are various ways to download the connectivity agent. So, in this short article, we’ll describe various options to download the connectivity agent of Oracle Integration.
1. Using Oracle Integration Console
The easiest way to download the connectivity agent is using the Oracle Integration console. To download it using the Oracle Integration console follow the below steps:
1. Login into the Oracle Integration Console.
2. Navigate to the Integrations -> Agents page
3. Click on the Download -> Connectivity Agent option from the upper right corner of the page.
This will start downloading the connectivity agent and a file with the name will be downloaded on your default download location. You can then transfer it to the host machine where you want to install a connectivity agent.

Restricting access to OIC instances
Restrict the networks that have access to your Oracle Integration instance by configuring an allowlist (formerly a whitelist). Only users from the specific IP addresses, Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) blocks, and virtual cloud networks that you specify can access the Oracle Integration instance.
For the Oracle Integration instance, configure the allowlist when you create the instance or after creating the instance.
Option 1 for Configuring Allowlists: Restrict Access to Oracle Integration Using the Self-service Allowlist Capabilities.
In this scenario, you restrict access to Oracle Integration using an allowlist. The allowlist restricts access based on the following parameters:
• Single IP address
• Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) block (that is, an IP address range)
• Virtual Cloud Network Oracle Cloud ID (VCN OCID)
Additionally, your organization might have a service gateway. The service gateway lets your virtual cloud network (VCN) privately access Oracle Integration without exposing the data to the public internet.
Only the specified IP addresses and VCN OCIDs can access Oracle Integration. Users and systems accessing Oracle Integration from listed VCNs have full access.
• Easy setup! You can configure your allowlist in just a few minutes, without having to create a custom endpoint.
• All traffic is supported, including REST, SOAP, and other internet traffic.

Installing OIC Connectivity Agent on OCI Compute by Niall Commiskey
This is a follow-up from the previous OCI Streaming post - the OCI Streaming connection requires a connectivity agent to be specified, when one uses the connection as a trigger. I tried this out with the connectivity agent installed on my laptop. Naturally, this is not feasible for any organization, so installation of the agent on an OCI Compute is a compelling alternative.
Step 1 - Spin up an OCI Compute Instance - You can accept the defaults –

Free Webinar: CI and CD for Oracle SOA and OIC
Take a deep dive of FlexDeploy's support for the SOA Suite, WebLogic resources, and the Oracle Integration Cloud.
The Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Integration Cloud provide a wealth of features for integration, but most customers struggle to create fast and repeatable deployment processes to manage changes across their on prem and cloud environments.
In this webinar you will learn how FlexDeploy can:
• Automate the entire Build, Deploy, and Release process.
• Remove the need for scripting and manual activities.
• Integrate seamlessly with tools such as Jira, Soap UI, and ServiceNow.
Business Process Management & Innovation Section

An Introduction to Jarvis Pizzeria! By Richard Olrichs
So that is the team! In the time to come, we will start automating our pizza process with the help of Oracle PCS. One of the goals for this project is very selfish, we want to explore PCS and familiarize ourselves with the tool and technology. We joined effort to discuss our findings, ask questions and motivate each other. However, now it is also time to share our experiences with the Community. This will happen in a blog series on our sites as well as via implementation examples and presentations at Oracle related Events.

In essence we have cut the automated pizza process in a couple of separated, decoupled steps; the preparation, the payment & the delivery. Within these steps we will use several familiar techniques, like Human Tasks and Business Rules. We will compare the PCS options to their BPM counterpart and share our findings from a level of ‘MyFirstPcsProcess’ to a more in-depth analysis of the tool and product.

As you can see, our use case reflects upon the process, how PCS relates to BPM, how easy it is to implement a business process, the usage of gateways, business rules and other features we know from BPMN. As a result, our focus has been on Oracle PCS and Oracle PCS alone. This means our lessons learned will also be focussed on PCS and probably will not translate one on one to a real business case.

For example, we use the integration within PCS, to directly call REST and SOAP endpoints, while for a critical, core business system, it is wise to let this integration go through the Integration Cloud as abstraction layer from the process. We hope you enjoy our blog series, happy readings!
Additional New Material for PaaS Community
Automate CI/CD for Oracle integrations with Oracle Visual Builder Studio
Trace Visual Builder business objects all the way to the database
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Kraft Heinz masters big market shifts
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From Community Forums to Summer Camps or Webcasts Chris is the process expert wo supported the community. Gaby, Bandit and myself always choose to attend his PCS hands-on classes. Challenging us to go for the spicy three peperoni labs!
At our international conferences with attendees from all over EMEA he was the trainer who could teach in any language, switching from English to German, Spanish, Russian or Japanese. With his BPM enthusiasm, his class was working the hardest to accomplish all process labs. Many of his workshops included innovations like supporting process automation with machine learning. Thanks for all your excellent trainings. Congratulations to your retirement – enjoy life in Algarve and Southern France! You attended one of Chris workshops? Let us know! #PaaSCommunity!
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