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December 2020 Edition Oracle Developer Partner Community Newsletter

Learn how to create new service offerings and solutions for Oracle SaaS solution based on the Oracle Cloud Platform
Dear Developer Partner Community,
As 2020 comes to an end, finish the year with an Oracle certification. Enablement and certification are key to cloud success. At the Oracle Competence Center partners can attend free online classes and free online certification Oracle Digital Assistant Overview. Additional we offer the latest implementation exam Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant 2020 Specialist | 1Z0-1071-20 ($245 or free voucher).

Every month’s we offer a community webcast with the latest product updates. All webcasts are available on-demand including presentations in ppt format. Highlights include (community membership required):

Innovate Service Cloud with Chatbots
Innovate HCM with Chatbots
Chatbot Design best practices for Conversational UX
Connect, Innovate, Extend SaaS KickOff Webcast 2020
Cloud Platform KickOff Webcast 2020
Digital Assistant Update

The Oracle Digital Assistant Design Camp is a video series by Frank Nimphius. The series provides insights and good coding practices so anyone can create better bots. The focus is not on individual product features, but on the overall design. Watch the free on-demand videos here. Oracle Transportation Management partners, who want to innovate OTM with chatbots, can watch the free on-demand training here.

You want to network with the Oracle Community? Join our local Oracle Developer Meetup across the world? Visit our Meetup overview page here.

Learn more about containers, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, Infrastructure as Code and API’s to be Successful with Cloud Native.
Jürgen Kress
For a short summary of our monthly key information watch the PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The December edition highlights the Oracle Digital Assistant newsletter and the on-demand partners community webinars.
In this month’s community webcast Angelo Santagata will present how to extend SaaS solutions serverless. Please join the Extend Oracle SaaS with Cloud Native & Serverless Solutions - Partner Community Webcast December 16th, 2020.
Want to publish your best practice article & news in the next community newsletter? Please feel free to send it via Twitter @wlsCommunity #OracleDeveloperCommunity!

Keep Safe!
Jürgen Kress
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Table Of Contents
Community Announcements

Cloud Platform Partner Banner
Cloud Platform Partner Advisory Council 2020
You are invited to the 2nd edition of the annual global Partner Advisory Council by the Oracle Digital Assistant Product Management team.

Why should you attend? Get the latest product updates and roadmap details from the Oracle Digital Assistant Product Management team. Provide feedback based on your customer project experience and discuss with the Oracle team product improvements & future directions.
Who should attend? Senior consultants architects, technical leaders & CTOs, who implemented successful Oracle Digital Assistant.

December 8th 8:00-9:00 (PST)
Keynotes presented by Clay Magouyrk, Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Strategy and Andrew Mendelsohn, Executive Vice President, Oracle Data Management Strategy.

December 8th 9:00-11:00 (PST)
Oracle Digital Assistant PAC
Introduction and welcome
Feedback process
Highlights from the last 12 months
Roadmap by key areas with demos
Review feedback & Closing
Oracle SaaS Banner
Extend Oracle SaaS with Cloud Native & Serverless Solutions
Partner Community Webcast December 16th, 2020
A number of customers have already built extensions/ integrations with Oracle SaaS using a variety of Oracle PaaS services. Going forward some of these will want to upgrade, migrate or build new, extensions/integrations and unsurprisingly want to ensure that their new extensions use modern technologies and modern frameworks.
A specific desire these customers will have is the management of the PaaS servers, SaaS customers are used to the SaaS model, they pay by user/invoice and not by CPU and expect Oracle to manage everything.
This presentation aims to help us understand what needs, when extending/integrating, a SaaS customer will have and various patterns they can adopt. The technologies we will explore are the various cloud native technologies, like Kubernetes, streams etc. and serverless technologies like Oracle Functions as a Service.

Speaker: Angelo Santagata Architect, Oracle SaaS A-Team
Schedule: December 16th, 2020 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM CET (Berlin time)
Free Oracle trainings: take the opportunity to watch our community webcasts on-demand
Paas Partner Youtube Banner
PaaS Partner YouTube Update, December 2020
This months video includes three topics:
• Oracle Digital Assistant newsletter
• Partner Community Webcasts on-demand
• Extend SaaS services with serverless solutions
For regular updates please subscribe to our YouTube channel here. Thanks for your likes and sharing the video on YouTube and LinkedIn. For the latest PaaS Community information please visit our Community update wiki here (Community membership required).
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Oracle Digital Assistant for SaaS Partner Bootcamps
Free virtual hands-on webtraining
Oracle Product Management is pleased to invite Oracle SaaS Partners to attend the 1-day hands-on workshop on how to extend SaaS applications with Chatbots. Oracle Digital Assistant innovates HCM, CX and Service Cloud solutions.
Training material is published at our community workspace (membership required).
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Become a Certified Oracle Expert
Enablement & certification is key to cloud success
At the Oracle Competence Center and Online Learning Library partners can attend free on-line classes and certifications. Additional we offer the latest implementation exams ($245 or free vouchers) for:

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Developer Tools Section

How Hermes had a (digital) helping hand making millions of deliveries by By Gemma Dunning
Throughout lockdown, deliveries were a lifeline to millions. From groceries and everyday supplies, to workout equipment and board games, we delivered it all. It’s been an honour to play a big role in keeping the country happy.
From March to June, we handled around 2.5 million parcels a day – a volume that we only usually see during seasonal peaks at Black Friday and Christmas. And with these key calendar dates still to come, we don’t expect this level of business to stop any time soon – in fact, we’re predicting that we’ll deliver 3.5 million parcels a day during these periods.
In just five months, we have experienced five years of growth. But the bigger picture has only served to remind us that to see success, we should focus on the little things. It’s the little things that make sure our big delivery machine can run day in, day out, even through these challenging times.

Expert design, integration, and implementation services for the Oracle Digital Assistant platform by Jason Lamon
Fishbowl Solutions is the leading developer for the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) platform. We can design and implement a digital assistant specific to your business needs. Our team will help validate your use case, design conversational interfaces, and integrate your backend data systems.
Digital Assistants for customer and employee service, sales enablement, and more.
Customer Service
Deflect routine requests away from call centers. Use digital assistants on corporate websites or company Facebook pages for account administration, finding store locations, ordering and canceling services, and tracking packages.

Oracle Digital Assistant Design Camp
The Oracle Digital Assistant Design Camp series provides insights and good coding practices so anyone can create better bots. The focus is not on individual product features, but on the overall design:

• Oracle Digital Assistant Design Camp: Conversation Design Experience (CDX) Workshop
• Oracle Digital Assistant Design Camp: Conversational UX
• Oracle Digital Assistant Design Camp: Train Your Model
• Oracle Digital Assistant Design Camp: Integrating Frequently Asked Questions
• Oracle Digital Assistant Design Camp: Adaptive Bot Response Design (Building Bots For Multiple Channels)
• Oracle Digital Assistant Design Camp: Custom Component Service Design & Development
• Oracle Digital Assistant Design Camp: Model Driven Conversations Using Entities
• Oracle Digital Assistant Design Camp: Art of Navigation in Digital Assistants and Skills
• Oracle Digital Assistant Design Camp: Learn to love the System.CommonResponse component
• Oracle Digital Assistant Design Camp: Unleash The Power of OCI for ODA Part 1 - Custom Component Enterprise Deployment

Oracle Digital Assistant - Live in Five by Ryan Patrick
Get your Oracle HCM Digital Assistant live in five weeks or less

Innovate Oracle Transportation Management with Chatbots hands-on Bootcamp training material
Chatbots have quickly become a critical platform for interacting with users, customers, and prospects. Organizations can now engage customers and employees in a proactive, personalized way, at scale across web, mobile, and messaging platforms.
Learn about Oracle Logistics Digital Assistant, an AI-powered Virtual Assistant for Oracle Logistics Cloud. Customers and employees now have easy, on-the-go access to order status and shipment tracking without having to navigate through the Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) application or understand complicated data mappings.
Training videos (presentations attached) are available at
• Logistics Digital Assistant Partner Training - Part 1 - ODA overview
• Logistics Digital Assistant Partner Training - Part 2 - Setting and extending the OTM skill
Note: To download the presentation decks, please log in to Video Hub using Oracle SSO to access the video attachments.

Emerging Tech Webinar: PeopleSoft Chatbots by SpearMC
Changing demographics of organizations are causing many to reconsider their user’s experience when interacting with PeopleSoft. Oracle has started to deliver Chatbots to supplement the Self Service capabilities in PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM. In this Webinar, we will demonstrate a couple of the delivered Chatbots and pull back the curtain to show you how they are built and how you can leverage them.

Critical Success Factors for PeopleSoft Chatbot Deployments by Logesh Balasubramaniam
In a short time, Oracle has delivered several chatbots for PeopleSoft HCM and Finance applications that leverages the AI powered Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) PaaS cloud. By subscribing to ODA service, PeopleSoft customers can easily deploy and extend these pre-built chatbots.
In these early days of adoption, many customers are still evaluating the business value offered by chatbots for back office application like PeopleSoft, to justify their investment in ODA PaaS cloud. Chatbots offer an intuitive, conversational user experience compared to a traditional web UI. A well designed and integrated chatbot can offer rich user experience, high efficiency, and significantly lower customer support cost.

The yet not so well known "headerText" property in System.CommonResponse component attachment types by Frank Nimphius
The attachment type is a useful feature of the System.CommonResponse component, especially when the messenger is rendering images as part of a conversation.
A feature I was looking for is the ability to add a title string or a header text. So far I helped myself by adding a text response before rendering the attachment response. Well, I've done that so far.

Using the RAW command in Apache FreeMarker Expressions As A Life Saver by Frank Nimphius
Often the unexpected is the best teacher. While participating in a team effort to build a digital assistant, one of my skills failed after adding a component developed by one of my peer developers.
The error message was pretty clear and reported my standard error handler as the dialog flow state the error happens. Apparently, the user message my standard error handler passes to a custom component contained invalid characters.
If you look at the error message, you can see that the last user message is actually a JSON payload, not a string. The JSON payload actually contained a lot of double quotes, which actually seems to confuse the BotML. Don't ask me how the JSON payload got in, but this also is what made it unexpected.

Establish a Conversational Parent-Child Relationship Using Value List Entities in Oracle Digital Assistant by Frank Nimphius
Parent-child relationships are a common pattern in software development. The relationship usually describes a one-to-many dependency between two sets of data, one of which (the child) depends on the choice of the other (the parent). For example, a chatbot that handles expenses may prompt a user for providing the type of an expense, which could be accommodation, transportation, parking fees, office supplies and many others. Then, if a user selects transportation as the type of expense, the system may prompts with a dependent list of options, that may include flight, rental car, train, taxi, bus, others as selectable values.

Take Advantage of Fuzziness When Extracting Entities in Oracle Digital Assistant by Frank Nimphius
Chatbots should be confident when it comes to resolving intent and extracting entities. However, high confidence also means that the bot may sometimes not resolve information if the user makes mistakes while entering it. This article shows how you can add unsharpness to entity extraction using the Fuzzy Match option on an entity to allow users spelling mistakes or providing values that don't perfectly match a known entity value or synonym.

Adding Paging Control to Tables in Visual Builder by Shay Shmeltzer
Paging control was a common pattern for controlling the number of records shown on a page and for fetching another set of records. Today, with the richer functionality provided by browsers, you can get a better user experience with native scroll functionality and a "load more" approach. I blogged about it in a previous entry that shows how scrolling/fetching/pagination works in VB tables by default. This "load more on scroll" approach is what you see in your Twitter and Facebook feeds for example. Google's search page seems to be one of the last remaining sites to stick with the "next 10 records" approach.

Search Across Multiple Columns in a SelectSingle by Shay Shmeltzer
The new oj-selectSingle component is the recommended component for selection lists in Visual Builder starting with version 20.10. In past blog entries we showed you some of the advance features it offers such as advanced layouts and retrieving additional values beyond just the label. In this blog we show you one more capability - searching for a value across multiple columns in the list.
To achieve this capability you'll need to populate your singleSelect using an Array Data Provider - this keeps the records fetched on the client, and enables you to search across the array of data.

Visual Builder Studio New Redwood Design (and more) by Shay Shmeltzer
If you are working with Visual Builder Studio you probably noticed a big change when you logged in today - the service has adopted Redwood - Oracle's new user experience design language. All the functionality that you've been using is still here - but looking much better and with improved usability.
This is part of the November release of Oracle Visual Builder Studio which was rolled out across all the cloud regions.

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Application Development Section

Be Successful with Cloud Native by Sherwood Zern
I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of the unprecedented growth of developer services and tools that are now available for cloud application development. If I think back 5 years, I don’t think any of us would have imagined how quickly cloud application development has taken hold.
This modern way of developing software is often referred to as cloud native. What is cloud-native? As one point of reference, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) defines it to mean using an open source software stack to be containerized, where each part of the app is packaged in its own container. These containers are dynamically orchestrated, so each part is actively scheduled and managed to optimize resource utilization. In addition, microservices-oriented development tools increase the overall agility and maintainability of applications.

Announcing longer-running functions, increased limits, improved logging, and log triggers for Oracle Functions by Sachin Pikle
Oracle Functions is a serverless platform that lets you create, run, and scale business logic without managing any infrastructure. Today, we’re pleased to announce some key enhancements to Functions to make it easy for you to use it in more use cases:
• Longer-running functions, up to 5 minutes
• Increased maximum number of functions and applications

Helidon messaging with Oracle Streaming Service by Daniel Kec
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming service is a great alternative to Apache Kafka in the OCI environment. It is a fully managed service so maintenance, security patching, replication, monitoring and metrics are literally one click away from your OCI console. Connecting to OCI Streaming with Helidon is as easy as connecting to Kafka, or actually it is quite the same because OCI Streaming understands Kafka clients.

Can Java microservices be as fast as Go? By Mark Nelson
Peter Nagy and I presented a paper at the Oracle Groundbreakers Tour 2020 LATAM in August, 2020 titled “Go Java, Go!” where we asked ourselves the question “can Java microservices be as fast as Go?” We created some microservices and did some benchmarking, and we presented our results at that event. But there was more to explore, so we decided to turn our presentation into this post. We plan to follow up with additional posts as we do more testing and development.

Configuring a WebLogic Data Source to use ATP by Mark Nelson
In this post I am going to share details about how to configure a WebLogic data source to use ATP.
If you are not familiar with ATP, it is the new Autonomous Transaction Processing service on Oracle Cloud. It provides a fully managed autonomous database. You can create a new database in the OCI console in the Database menu under “Autonomous Transaction Processing” by clicking on that big blue button: You need to give it a name, choose the number of cores and set an admin password: It will take a few minutes to provision the database. Once it is ready, click on the database to view details. Then click on the “DB Connection” button to download the wallet that we will need to connect to the database.

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