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November 2021

The winner of the best CentOS Linux replacement
Leading analyst Marc Staimer from DSC takes a deep look at what Red Hat’s decision to kill off CentOS Linux means to users and their choices for replacing it. The purpose of this research is to help CIOs and system administrators select the CentOS Linux replacement that best fits their current and future requirements. It provides a candid evaluation of the market options. No organization wants to make the wrong choice and then have to go through yet another migration.
Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel
Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, Release 6 Update 3, for Oracle Linux
Based on the mainline kernel version 5.4 this update includes several new features, added functionality, and bug fixes across a range of subsystems. Examples: full support for WireGuard, secure boot enhancements, and Enhanced Nested Virtualization on the AMD Platform. Get the details.
Guest support
Guest support for Microsoft Windows 11
Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1.28 available now, introduces support of Microsoft Windows 11 as a guest operating system and supports Linux Kernel versions 5.14 and 5.15. In addition, this release delivers the October 2021 Critical Patch Update (CPU) to address security vulnerabilities. Find out more.
VirtualBox for dummies ebook
VirtualBox for dummies ebook
Read this new ebook to learn how to:
  • Run multiple operating systems on a single device
  • Use built-in encryption
  • Automate virtual machine creation
  • Easily export and import VMs to cloud
Get the ebook
Oracle Linux and Virtualization
DBS builds private cloud with Oracle Linux and Virtualization
By running its critical banking applications on Oracle Linux, DBS Bank has improved its security and uptime. Using Oracle Virtualization hard partitioning, which allows for licensing based on allocated VM cores, it lowered its Oracle Database licensing costs while scaling cost-effectively using commodity X86 servers. Learn more.
Why use Oracle Database Smart Flash Cache?
Read this technical paper to learn how to increase Oracle Database performance and improve user response times by deploying Oracle’s Database Smart Flash Cache feature with Oracle Linux. Read now.

Best Practices for Oracle Database and RAC on Oracle Linux KVM
Based on certification testing of Oracle Real Application Cluster for Oracle Linux KVM, this technical paper provides best practices and recommendations that Oracle has developed for running Oracle RAC in an optimized virtual environment. Read the paper.

Quick start with the Oracle Linux Templates for KVM
This blog will show you how to easily create virtual machines using Oracle Linux templates for KVM with simple cloud-init configuration files. Read the blog.

Automated install for Microsoft Windows 11 on VirtualBox
Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1.28 introduced the official support, as guest operating system, for Microsoft Windows 11. Learn how to automate installing Microsoft Windows 11 on VirtualBox using a guide/script. Learn more.

Gluster Storage Release 8 for Oracle Linux
This release available for both Oracle Linux 7 and Oracle Linux 8, includes self healing and performance improvements. Get the details.

Patching a tricky GPU vulnerability
Take a closer look at how Ksplice helps make even some of the trickiest security patches take effect without a reboot. Learn more.

Linux at 30: Early converts share memories of their journey
This article in The New Stack highlights stories and memories from Linux community members on the occasion of Linux's 30th Birthday. Read it now.

Moving the business forward with IT innovation
Get an overview of how DBS Bank successfully implemented a private cloud using Oracle Linux and Virtualization technologies. Get the details.

Arm-based application development
If you’re looking to unlock the potential of Arm, jump-start development, and accelerate your time to market, explore the reasons why Oracle Linux and OCI might be the right platform for your next generation of modern applications. Find out more.
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Tux Tech Talk
Tux Tech Talk
Reduce manual processes in DevOps
Get faster access to your data
Get faster access to your data
Featured Training
Oracle Linux Automation Manager training videos
The Oracle Linux Automation Engine is an automation tool for deploying software, configuring systems, and orchestrating tasks such as upgrades and updates, in the form of playbooks. Use short free training videos to learn how to install and use it. Learn more.

How to write a playbook
This tutorial provides an introduction to writing playbooks with Oracle Linux Automation Engine. It is also available in an Oracle-provided free lab environment as a hands-on-lab. Learn more.
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