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Insights for ISV
Exclusive High Calibre Webcast Series
Exclusive High Calibre Webcast Series

Especially for ORACLE EMEA ISVs
Listen to the experts in these 1 hour sessions, learn about technical, architectural and business specifics.
ISV Specific Webcast Series
Join us in these sessions which will run every second Tuesday (bi-weekly) at 13:00 CET for 60 minutes.

Listen to our experts who will cover the different aspects of technical, architectural and business possibilities and opportunities to develop Your business, Your solutions further and address the different challenges of the market.
Who should attend:
As we will cover many different topics, from technical/implementation, architectural aspects to business practices (T's and C's) the audience will be different from session to session. Please see the individual invites!
What we will cover:
  • Why ISVs are Choosing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Value Prop, Positioning etc)
  • What Every ISV Needs to Know for a Successful SaaS Transition (Business and Technical)
  • Weblogic on OCI for ISVs
  • Tech 2 Cloud – OCI Strategy for ISVs (designing, seizing, pricing a solution; lift and shift AND expand)
  • Licensing Models for ISVs (ISV’s and ORACLE, Contractually)
  • OPN - Build Track for ISV's
  • Cloud Native Development on OCI
  • ORACLE Cloud Marketplace (How to engage: Process, documents etc)
  • Listen to Successes ==> ISV testimonials
  • and many more
Register today
Starting on Tuesday, January 26th
13:00 CET
Commencing every second week

Featured Speakers
Johannes Baumgartner
Johannes Baumgartner
Senior Learning Consultant,
Cloud Coaching & Cloud Platform Lead, Alliances & Channels, Oracle EMEA
Lionel Dubreuil
Lionel Dubreuil
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Specialist Director,
Cloud Infrastructure Center of Excellence
Oracle EMEA
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