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Week of January 18, 2021

This week: Pinhead-size copies of human organs help save lives and treat illnesses. Plus, why is Oracle Database like a smartphone? Houston’s Lone Star College brings hurricane preparations to weathering a pandemic. Also: Simplify legacy Java for easy maintenance.
“You’re saving on animal studies, you’re saving on resources, you’re saving on costs. You’re accelerating the development of these drugs.”
Dr. Anthony Atala, Director, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Body-on-a-chip - image
3D-printed “organoids”—pinhead-size copies of human organs—help research possible treatments for COVID-19, cancer, heart disease, and other conditions, aided by advances in data analysis and the cloud.
All-in-one - image
Much like a smartphone, Oracle Database provides many valuable tools in one elegant package, says Oracle’s Andrew Mendelsohn. The latest database version adds new blockchain tables, native JSON data types, better graph models, and more.
Stormy weather - image
Stormy weather
A history of hurricane preparedness helped Houston’s huge Lone Star College system prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic. The 93,000-student junior college system had experience moving operations online, with help from the cloud.
Scam stoppers - image
Scam stoppers
Here’s the behind-the-scenes story on how Oracle security researchers spotted the “StreamScam” fraudsters, who use bots to rip off ad buyers on streaming video played over connected TVs.
Simplify legacy Java - image
Simplify legacy Java
By making code easier to understand, you make it easier and safer to maintain. Regain business agility by simplifying older code.
Hands-on tech
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A simple guide to connect Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science with Oracle Autonomous Database

REST-enabling Oracle Machine Learning models

PL/SQL 101 series
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Beso Agency - image
Beso innovates with insights
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Smartclip analyzes digital ads
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Tampa Bay Lightning celebrates
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