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Week of March 29, 2021

Red Bull Racing Honda picks Oracle Cloud to help in its pursuit of another Formula 1 title. Lyft looks to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP as its engine for fast financial closing. A startup is smoothing complexities for hospital construction—a vital need in a healthcare-starved world. Also: Using the pandas Python language library for more powerful SQL.
“Oracle brings huge capability, innovation, and expertise to many of the world’s largest and most successful businesses. To be able to tap into that exceptional power and knowledge is a major step forward for our team.”
Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing Honda
Building for speed - Image
Building for speed
Four-time Formula 1 world champion Red Bull Racing Honda is using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to refine its new car, revving the design process with machine learning and advanced analytics.
Taking the fast lane - Image
Taking the fast lane
Ridesharing service Lyft expects to cut its 12-day quarterly close in half with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP—that’s less time looking in the rearview mirror and more time planning for the road ahead, says Chief Accounting Officer Lisa Blackwood-Kapral.
Life transition - Image
Life transition
Coming out as transgender is “crazy hard,” says Maddie Smith (pictured here), an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure principal engineer. She and OCI sales executive Kate Fisher talk about their experiences coming out while doing their jobs and maintaining professional relationships.
COVID crime - Image
Healthcare foundation
Maha Harper, cofounder of Atlas Group London, joins the Stories from the Cloud podcast to describe how her company is leveraging the cloud to streamline hospital construction—an urgent need, as half the world’s population lacks access to adequate healthcare services.
Pandas power - Image
Pandas power
While “pandas and pythons” sounds like the premise for an animated movie, the pandas we’re talking about is a popular, powerful Python language library (not a cartoon animal). Find out how to use pandas for quick, easy SQL queries.
Hands-on tech
Using software protected encryption keys with Autonomous Database

Using the VerticalPodAutoscaler in your Kubernetes cluster

Understanding Java method invocation with invokedynamic

Synchronize parent-child REST sources
Success stories | Professional services
Altecsa - image
Altecsa prepares for global growth
Grupo CICE - image
Grupo CICE cuts costs 15%
Dimacofi - image
Dimacofi renews focus on CX
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