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25 greatest java apps reaction
Your reactions to the 25 greatest Java apps ever

September 2020
It was with a smidge of trepidation that, for the language’s 25th anniversary, I offered my list of the 25 greatest Java applications, frameworks, platforms, and libraries ever written. After all, developers are a demanding audience. But the article received hundreds of comments on Reddit, Slashdot, Hacker News, and Twitter, and it inspired many letters to the editor. In my follow-up article, I share your nominations of even more great apps from around the world!

Also, tune in for more goodies this month when we unveil Java 15 and related technologies (hint: see the “Latest releases” section, below). As always, let me know what you’re building.

Alexandra Weber Morales, Oracle Director of Developer Content
Inside Java 15: Fourteen JEPs in five buckets

Why developers love hassle-free JSON

Java can run even faster in the cloud
Developer Live
Oracle Developer Live
Ready to improve your skills in Java, Kubernetes, microservices, machine learning, Oracle Database, MySQL, DevOps, and more? Join the new Oracle Developer Live virtual event series for technical sessions, hands-on labs, demos, panels, and live Q&A with experts.

Java | September 15 and 17, 2020
Learn about Java 15 and coding skills you need for modern apps.

MySQL | October 13 and 15, 2020
Learn about MySQL 8.0 and MySQL Cloud to build highly performant, scalable, data-secure applications.
Oracle Groundbreakers Tour
Oracle Groundbreakers Tours
Tracks include Database, Java, Cloud Native, Chatbots/Mobile/Modern Development, and APEX. Technical subjects include Oracle Autonomous Database, machine learning, artificial intelligence, operating systems, data science, microservices, containers, Kubernetes, Oracle Fn Project, and Java.

Asia Pacific Tour | October 19–30, 2020
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Latest releases
Oracle MySQL Database Service

Oracle NoSQL Database 20.2

Oracle Autonomous JSON Database

GraalVM 20.2.0

Tribuo Java ML library

Project Verrazzano

Deepfence on Oracle Cloud Container Engine for Kubernetes

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ansible modules

Coherence JavaScript Client

Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 5 Update 4 for Oracle Linux

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SDK for .NET with VS Code or VS Codespaces
Juan Loaiza video
Juan Loaiza on Oracle Autonomous JSON Database
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Access high-performance computing
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September 2020
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