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Week of February 8, 2021

National Grid goes for net-zero emissions by 2050. Two articles offer new ideas about diversity, a topic we’ll return to throughout Black History Month. And are you ready for 2021 scenario planning? Also: Master a new tool to measure database performance.
“We’re building a world that’s more sustainable for our future generations, but doing it in a way that segments of society aren’t left behind.”
Badar Khan, President, National Grid US
Clean power - image
Clean power
Energy company National Grid turns to AI and behavioral science techniques in the cloud to make measurable progress today toward its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.
Scenario planning - image
Scenario planning
There’s almost no chance you hit your 2020 budget plan—or your revised plan for that matter. Well, it’s time to put that mess behind you and think about what your scenario planning approach should look like for 2021.
Face the change  - image
Face the change
Oracle’s Richard Thomas shares his experience helping Black youth see a future for themselves in tech, through community work with Oracle’s Alliance of Black Leaders for Excellence (ABLE).
Speak up for diversity
Speak up for diversity
Traci Wade, Oracle senior director of diversity and inclusion, explains the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, and she shares insights on how to be a better ally. Bookmark this site for new content throughout Black History Month.
Database performance test - image
Database performance test
By measuring the performance of Oracle Database with the new RWP*Load Simulator tool, you can find out if your database is performing as expected, locate bottlenecks, and get ready to double the workload.
Hands-on tech
Multilingual engine: Executing JavaScript in Oracle Database

Build and deploy a machine learning model in 9 minutes using ONNX

Announcing asymmetric keys support in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vault

How to build applications with the WebSocket API for Java EE and Jakarta EE
Success stories | Financial services
BBVA - image
BBVA customizes marketing
Allied Bank - image
Allied Bank blazes digital path
Arizona Federal - image
Growing Arizona Federal modernizes HR
Analyze Desktop
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