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Serialization, deserialization, marshaling, unmarshaling, and bean state validation

Week of November 9, 2020
Records were first introduced in Java 14 as a preview feature, and there was a second preview in Java 15. While they’re still subject to change (we’ll see another release in Java 16), there’s a lot we can learn about records now.

Want to go deeper? In his latest article, Frank Kiwy focuses on the details of serialization and deserialization, marshaling and unmarshaling, and state validation of Java records.

There’s something new on Java Magazine: Our events calendar now links to Java user group get-togethers. Check it out!

Don’t forget each week’s quizzes—see them listed at Java Magazine.

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Brand-new articles
Diving into Java records: Serialization, marshaling, and bean state validation
Frank Kiwy goes behind the scenes—and into the bytecode—to show you how Java records really work. See all about the new classes added to Java.lang.Class and everything else you want to know.

Build your own Jenkins plugins with Guice, SezPoz, Stapler, and Jelly
Drive productivity: Arjan Tijms demonstrates how to extend and customize the Jenkins automation server using several Java frameworks.
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