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Reshaping the DBA role for the future

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Maximum Security Architecture

27 January 2021

Start time: 17:00 GST | 15:00 EET | 14:00 CET | 1pm GMT
Oracle DBA Masterclass—Maximum Security Architecture
Reshaping the DBA role for the future
Most operational DBAs spend a lot of their time on maintenance, fixing security breaches and working around unplanned outages. But the DBA role should be far more than a tactical fixer—the potential for making strategic contributions to the business is huge.

So in the first of our Data Masterclass series for 2021, we’ll be focusing on how to better deliver the right balance between enough security, the cost of delivering it, and usability of the system.

Whether your Oracle Database runs on premises or in the cloud, join us on 27 January, and learn about Oracle’s Maximum Security Architecture, the capabilities on offer, and how to decide what to implement. This will include a Q&A session (and the webinar will be available on-demand at a later date).

Find out more about how to elevate your role as a data professional with the Oracle DBA 2021 Data Masterclass series. And attendees of all sessions can receive a DBA Masterclass badge and earn the title of Data Pioneer!
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