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Green threads, virtual threads, platform threads, carrier threads . . . there’s a lot to learn.

Week of January 18, 2021
Happy New Year, and welcome to the tenth year of Java Magazine. We’re kicking 2021 off with a look inside Project Loom, with a particular focus on virtual threads. That’s a new way for Java (and the JVM) to provide lightweight concurrency and efficient scalability. Ben Evans, one of our most popular authors, shows you what Project Loom means for Java developers.

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Alan Zeichick
Editor in Chief, Java Magazine
Ben Evans, Featured Author
Special author focus: Ben Evans
Ben Evans is one of the top experts in the Java community—and a prolific author. Here are some of his best-read articles for Java Magazine.
New articles
Going inside Java’s Project Loom and virtual threads
Java Champion and JVM expert Ben Evans explains how Project Loom breaks the long-standing one-to-one correspondence between Java threads and platform threads—and what this means to developers.

Hello, Coherence Community Edition, Part 3: Packaging, deployment, scaling, persistence, and operations with Java
Oracle architect Aleks Seović concludes his series on Coherence Community Edition by pushing his sample to-do list application out to a Kubernetes cluster. (You can start with Part 1 here.)

Introducing JobRunr: A distributed job scheduler for Java
Ronald Dehuysser narrates a tour of his popular JobRunr library, which leverages lambdas and Spring to help you schedule background jobs.

Java on Arm processors: Understanding AArch64 vs. x86
Arm-based processors are increasingly popular and are in the news thanks to Apple’s latest notebooks and Oracle’s cloud services. Due to this interest, we are republishing Aleksei Voitylov’s recent article about running Java on Arm.

Sharing the code: Engagement from 25 years of Java
The past year was really, really busy for everyone involved with Java, especially since we celebrated the platform’s 25th anniversary. Alexandra Huff, director of Java global marketing at Oracle, recaps all the action.
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