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Your Cloud Upgrade Roadmap: Upgrading, Operating, and Building in the Cloud

Attend sessions that explore how Oracle can help extend the technology investments, tools, and processes you already have, while providing the benefits of the cloud. Oracle customers are at various stages of cloud transformation, so there are sessions focused on how to succeed at each stage: upgrading, operating, and building in the cloud.

Your Autonomous Future—Autonomous Database, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chatbots

Powered by autonomous database, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and bots, Oracle’s systems deliver greater convenience and efficiencies. Now any business of any size has these powerful tools at their command to better connect with customers and innovate more quickly. Learn how your peers use these tools right now and apply their experiences to your business today.

The Data Explosion—Autonomous Database, Data Management, Big Data

Data has the potential to transform your business in amazing new ways. Data can make your on-premises legacy systems more efficient, connected, and flexible. Informative data can accelerate decision-making and let you react more quickly to growth opportunities. Data can eliminate manual, redundant, or low-value activities, but only if you can harness and derive value from it. See how your peers harness data to gain a competitive advantage.

Transformational Technologies—Virtual and Augmented Realities, Blockchain, Robotics, IoT

Emerging technologies such as Blockchain, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual reality (VR) are disrupting old paradigms and ushering in new opportunities. Learn how savvy businesses use these technologies to launch their companies forward.

Actionable Business Insights—Analytics, Business Intelligence, Forecasting

Intelligent systems gather actionable insights from data across applications, data warehouses, and data lakes to help businesses operate more efficiently. See how actionable insights from analytics, business intelligence, and forecasting can help you build an intelligent business today.

Bulletproof Your Business—Fraud, Security, Compliance

Learn from the experts how to shape a security strategy that applies artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to keep your company secure, in compliance, and one step ahead of the bad guys, so your business and your customers stay safe.

Modernize IT Operations—Cloud, Infrastructure, Network, Systems, Data Centers

See how your peers leverage modern IT operations to make faster decisions and enable the continuous delivery of business value to the enterprise. Hear from experts and learn how you can build a modern IT organization that can respond to business needs while helping to drive your enterprise forward.

The Suite Spot: Becoming a Connected and Intelligent Business with Oracle’s Cloud Suites

You can achieve a sustained competitive advantage in your business by leveraging the power of data and emerging technologies to evolve into a connected, intelligent business. Learn from peers and experts how to be a more connected and intelligent business to ensure business transformation success.

Tomorrow’s ERP, Today: Transforming Finance, Procurement, Planning, Budgeting, Reporting

Find out how your peers are utilizing advanced technologies and their ERP systems to optimize processes, better integrate resources, and seize new opportunities in finance, procurement, planning, budgeting, and reporting.

The Changing Workforce—Human Capital, Recruiting and Talent Management

Discover how your peers use new talent management strategies to identify critical skills, assess talent strengths, and empower people on the move. Hear from thought leaders about how you can grow the workforce of tomorrow.

Modernizing Your Supply Chain Business Processes

Built from the ground up for the cloud and for the modern supply chain, Oracle SCM Cloud delivers the visibility, insights, and capabilities you need. Learn how to create your own intelligent supply chain.

Your Evolving Customer: How to Acquire, Delight and Retain Happy Customers

Delivering on superior customer experiences takes an integrated approach and a single view of the customer across all channels and touchpoints. Getting there requires technology that spans the entire customer lifecycle from marketing to sales, and commerce to service. Find out how your peers are adapting to meet skyrocketing customer expectations.

Your Cloud Success: Training and End to End Support

Looking for product training? Want to talk to support? Need information about how to successfully plan, move, and work in the cloud? All this and more are available to you at Oracle OpenWorld. From quick-bite training sessions to deep dives, certifications, and one-on-one meetings with support, there is a great session waiting at Oracle OpenWorld for you.

Cloud Applications

Intelligent Cloud Applications

Reimagine your business, processes, and experiences. Learn how Oracle’s intelligent cloud applications provide you with the speed and innovation of best-of-breed cloud software in a complete, secure, and connected cloud suite. Embedded with modern, best-practice processes and built-in social, mobile, and analytics capabilities, Oracle Cloud applications help you deliver the experiences your customers expect, find the talent to succeed, and ensure the performance the market demands.

Business Applications

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    Learn to streamline your enterprise business processes with Oracle ERP Cloud. See how Oracle ERP Cloud’s financials, procurement, project portfolio management modules help you increase productivity, lower costs, and improve controls.

  • Enterprise Performance Management

    Learn how Oracle’s market-leading enterprise performance management applications, combined with the innovation and simplicity of the cloud, enable companies of any size to drive predictable performance, report with confidence, and connect the entire organization.

  • Human Capital Management

    Modern HR differentiates the business with a talent-centric and consumer-based strategy that leverages technology to provide a collaborative, insightful, engaging, and mobile HR, employee, and executive experience. Learn how Oracle HCM Cloud enables modern human resources to find and retain the best talent and increase global agility.

  • Customer Experience: Sales, Marketing, Service

    Learn how Oracle Customer Experience Cloud enables leading organizations to deliver great customer experiences throughout their customers’ journey. Organizations seeking a competitive advantage are looking to Oracle to help them effectively engage their customers across physical and digital channels to dramatically improve customer retention, up-sell, and brand advocacy.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Built from the ground up for the cloud and for the modern supply chain, Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud delivers the visibility, insights, and capabilities you need to create your own intelligent supply chain. Discover its capabilities, including product innovation, strategic material sourcing, outsourced manufacturing, integrated logistics, omnichannel fulfillment, and integrated demand and supply planning, and learn why Oracle SCM Cloud is the most comprehensive SCM suite in the cloud. Oracle SCM Cloud allows you to deploy functionality incrementally, with minimal risk, lower cost, and maximum flexibility—all with the benefit of ongoing functional innovation.

Data Cloud

  • Data as a Service

    Data as a service (DaaS) gives you unprecedented levels of connection to customers, and aggregate, analyze, and activate consumer data into one unified solution. Learn how Oracle’s DaaS offering creates cross-channel consumer understanding so that you can know more about who your customers are, what they do, where they go, and what they buy.

On Premises Applications

  • On Premises: Oracle E-Business Suite

    Learn how the hundreds of cross-industry capabilities spanning enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and supply chain planning enable Oracle E-Business Suite applications to help customers manage the complexities of global business environments, no matter the organization’s size.

  • On Premises: PeopleSoft

    Learn how Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications are designed to address the most complex business requirements. They provide comprehensive business and industry solutions, enabling organizations to increase productivity, accelerate business performance, and realize a lower cost of ownership.

  • On Premises: JD Edwards

    Learn how Oracle’s JD Edwards software meets the demands of a modern and simplified user experience. These purpose-built applications are aligned to how your users work. Integrated with digital technologies, Oracle’s innovative approach increases productivity, enabling your company to work smarter, faster, and ultimately achieve more.

  • On Premises: Siebel

    Learn how Oracle’s Siebel CRM delivers transactional, analytical, and engagement features to manage all customer-facing operations. With solutions tailored to more than 20 industries, Siebel CRM delivers comprehensive on-premises and on-demand CRM solutions that are tailored to industry requirements and offer role-based customer intelligence and prebuilt integrations.

Cloud Platform

Oracle Cloud Platform

Discover a complete and integrated Cloud Platform that allows business users and developers to cost-effectively build, deploy, and manage application workloads seamlessly on-premises or in the cloud—with superior choice, openness, security, and ease of use.

Platform Development Tools

  • Application Development

    Discover how only Oracle’s application development platform gives you a comprehensive DevOps platform for continuous integration and continuous delivery deep diagnostics for Java applications, and streamlined integration with SaaS and on-premises applications.

  • Cloud Platform (PaaS)

    Get the latest on products, solutions, case studies, and use cases across Oracle’s integrated cloud platform.

  • Content and Experience

    Learn about Oracle Content and Experience Cloud, a cloud-based content hub that drives omnichannel content management and accelerates experience delivery.

  • Developer Tools

    Learn about the tools and services for today’s developers and engineers.

  • Identity and Security

    Learn about Oracle’s next-generation comprehensive security and identity platform that is cloud native and designed to be an integral part of the enterprise security fabric, providing a modern identity solution for modern applications.

  • Integration

    Learn about Oracle’s enterprise-proven database cloud service that supports any size workload from dev/test to large-scale production deployment.

  • MySQL

    Learn how MySQL in Oracle Cloud meets your enterprise needs.

  • Oracle Management Cloud

    Discover Oracle Management Cloud, a next-generation solution for integrated monitoring, management, and analytics that leverages machine learning and big data techniques against the full breadth of the operational data set.

Cloud Services

  • Autonomous Cloud Services

    Learn how Oracle Cloud Platform’s autonomous services were built with advanced artificial intelligence and groundbreaking machine-learning algorithms, and offer self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing capabilities, enabling organizations to lower cost, reduce risk, accelerate innovation, and get predictive insights.

  • Managed Cloud Services

    Learn about all of Oracle’s services available to manage your entire development platform.

Data Management

  • Big Data

    Learn how to deliver Hadoop, Spark, and data science with Oracle security and cloud simplicity.

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

    See how the personalization, machine intelligence, and deep domain knowledge provided by Oracle’s business analytics platform empowers employees with relevant, actionable insights from data across applications, data warehouses, and data lakes.

  • Data Management

    Learn about Oracle’s comprehensive data management platform for traditional and modern solutions that combines a diverse set of workloads and data types.

Emerging Technologies

  • Adaptive Intelligence

    Learn how to amplify value across your entire applications portfolio with Oracle’s suite of artificial intelligence and data-driven apps.

  • Chatbots and Dialog Systems

    Discover more about conversational AI, chatbots, and dialog systems and how they can benefit your business.

  • Blockchain

    Learn how Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service enables you to accelerate revenue, create new revenue streams, and reduce cost and risk by securely extending your business applications and processes while speeding up transactions across your partner ecosystem.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

    Learn how to extend your supply chain, enterprise resource planning, and customer experience applications to the physical world—driving automation powered by intelligent predictive algorithms and digital twins.

  • Mobile

    Learn how to make mobile and chatbot development and integration quick, secure, and easy to deploy and maintain.

Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Oracle Cloud)

There’s never been a better time to take advantage of cloud infrastructure. The latest generation of cloud compute, storage, and adjacent services provides better performance and service levels than most existing environments. In support of cloud transformation, Oracle provides a comprehensive set of cloud infrastructure services that enable businesses to run mission-critical workloads better than on-premises apps, with predictable pricing and seamless migration. Learn how to move and improve enterprise applications, optimize applications on Oracle Database Cloud, build performance-intensive and cloud native applications, and run your SaaS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • Move and improve Oracle applications including Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle’s JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and Siebel onto enterprise-grade cloud compute, storage, and database services
  • Run custom and third-party applications on a cloud infrastructure, Oracle Database Cloud, and autonomous cloud services with little or no cost for re-architecture, and highly predictable performance and resiliency
  • Migrate or build performance-intensive applications such as simulations, 3D rendering, and machine learning with the latest, fastest CPUs, GPUs, storage, and networking
  • Build and deploy cloud native applications on predictable, high-performance infrastructure, leveraging robust deployment and management services including Kubernetes

Infrastructure Technologies (Data Center)

Explore how a converged IT infrastructure can enable greater business agility and a streamlined move to a secure private or hybrid cloud.

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Oracle Cloud)

    Learn why there’s never been a better time to take advantage of cloud infrastructure. The latest generation of cloud compute, storage, and adjacent services provides better performance and service levels than most existing environments. In support of cloud transformation, Oracle provides a comprehensive set of cloud infrastructure services that enables businesses to run mission-critical workloads better than on-premises, with predictable pricing and seamless migration.

  • Engineered Solutions

    Learn how Oracle’s engineered systems take infrastructure optimization to the next level. They’re architected, integrated, tested, and optimized to work together. What’s more, they’re co-engineered with Oracle software for a level of cloud-ready integration and Oracle Database performance that generic systems cannot match.

  • Enterprise Servers

    Learn how Oracle’s enterprise servers deliver the highest levels of performance. Built-in hardware and software redundancy protects your business from unplanned interruptions, and comprehensive end-to-end security protects your data from malware and unauthorized access.

  • Infrastructure Software

    Learn how Oracle’s industry-leading operating systems and virtualization solutions enable you to build open, cloud-ready applications that can scale from on-premises environments to the cloud. Add Oracle’s flexible support options to ensure the expertise you need is always on hand.

  • Storage Solutions

    Learn how Oracle’s industry-leading storage solutions help you accelerate applications and databases, improve data resiliency, and reduce operating costs—on-premises or in the cloud. Automation and analytics help increase management productivity and save time.

Customer Stories

Real Stories, Real Customers

We have created a great lineup of real stories from real customers that include a wide range of company sizes and industries. These great companies will share HOW they are extending their technology investments, business applications, tools and processes, as they continue to realize the benefits of living in and working in the cloud. Oracle customers are at various stages of cloud transformation, and their stories are focused on 'how to' succeed at each stage of your cloud transformation. These are just a few of the companies we have for you at Oracle OpenWorld 2018.

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We have many sessions that were designed specifically for your role. Whether you are a DBA, a developer, in IT Operations, DevOps, or on the business side, you will find content that will help you do your job better and more efficiently.