Transformational Technologies

Transformational Technologies

Virtual and Augmented Realities, Blockchain, Robotics, IoT

Emerging technologies such as Blockchain, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual reality (VR) are disrupting old paradigms and ushering in new opportunities. Businesses that embrace these technologies are leaping over slower competitors.

Logistics companies use Blockchain to remove inefficiencies in the supply chain and drive up shipping costs. Manufacturers employ robotics such as mechanized arms on the shop floor and automated processes in the billing office. AI is being used across industries for everything from warehouse management to making hospital operating rooms safer. And retailers use VR and augmented reality (AR) to create immersive experiences such as letting customers virtually try on clothes.

Learn how savvy businesses use these technologies to launch their companies forward.

  • Walk through a Blockchain transaction to see how it cuts out the middleman and makes B2B transactions safer, faster, and error free.
  • Discover how IoT transforms reactive customer service into predictive—and memorable—customer experiences.
  • Explore how AI is modernizing employee recruitment processes so you can find the candidates with the qualifications you need today.
  • Watch warehouse workers use AR to display a container’s contents, origin, and destination in real time—without opening it.

Disruption is the new normal. Adopt these technologies—and watch your business soar.


Featured Sessions

  • Oracle and Blockchain: Driving Innovation with Disruptive Technology

    Enhance business processes, collaboration and business transactions between enterprises through decentralized shared digital ledgers and blockchain technology. Blockchain technology brings unprecedented reliability, integrity, non-repudiation, accuracy, efficiency and immutability to shared data and transactions allowing business to be conducted in a secure, reliable, timely, trusted and auditable environment between diverse enterprises. Learn how Oracle Consulting is working with Oracle Product Management to leverage this disruptive technology in order to help our customers create new and innovative revenue streams while impacting the future of process collaboration, data exchange, trust and transactions. Attend this session to learn more.

    Praveen Coca, Oracle
    Vivek Acharya, Oracle

  • Lessons Learned from Enterprise IoT deployments

    There has been a lot of hype around IoT technologies in recent years. A number of IoT deployments are already underway across various pillars of digital supply chain including product design, fulfillment, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, logistics, and service, but a few key trends emerge that distinguish successful IoT deployments from the unsuccessful ones. In this session hear about the lessons learned and best practices that will help your IoT deployments succeed. Attend this session to learn more.

    Jai Suri, Oracle

  • Blockchain, IoT and AI: Driving Business Value Across The Enterprise

    You hear about blockchain, IoT, and artificial intelligence at every turn. How much is hype? How much is real? We believe these technologies offer the potential to fundamentally alter the arc of business, jobs, and society at large.

    Blockchain offers the promise of increased trust and accountability, IoT enables unprecedented connectivity between devices, machines and people, and artificial intelligence delivers prediction with precision.

    We invite you to explore the impact of these exciting technologies for businesses and to learn about their value to enterprise applications. Best of all, you will hear about customers who are using blockchain, IoT, and AI to transform their business. Attend this session to learn more.

    Krishnan Rajan, Oracle

  • Managing the Digital Thread for Business Transformation

    In this session learn how Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud and Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service work together to provide the foundation (or “digital thread”) for your digital transformation initiatives. Explore how IoT, PLM, and predictive analytics work together to manage, aggregate, and convert digital information into business insight to improve how we design, manufacture, maintain, and use products. This next generation of PLM manages enterprise product records across the entire product lifecycle including innovation, development, commercialization, manufacturing, and maintenance, as well as how products are performing and being used in the field. Attend this session to learn more.

    John Kelley, Oracle

  • Extend Enterprise Boundaries: Use Blockchain to Link Across Organizations

    Extend the reach of your custom and packaged applications beyond organizational or departmental silos by integrating with a blockchain network for single source or truth and trusted business transactions across enterprise boundaries. In this session, we will showcase different approaches and best practices for integrating custom applications, such as those built on Oracle Tuxedo or Weblogic and packaged ERP systems, such as Oracle E-business Suite, to interact with other systems through blockchain transactions. You will learn how to enable your current enterprise systems of record to start transacting on a blockchain network and how Oracle is extending its comprehensive suite of applications leveraging blockchain. Attend this session to learn more.

    Deepak Goel, Oracle
    Mark Rakhmilevich, Oracle

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