What You See Is What You Get Element What You See Is What You Get Element
FY2022 is full of promise and potential, the ideal opportunity to fuel our ambitions and achieve collective success. For our partners. For our customers. Together.
Together, through collaboration, we have grown stronger, supported one another and created real, meaningful transformation in all areas of our work environment.
Together, we're accelerating the benefits of digital integration, saving time, creating new opportunities and empowering businesses to touch lives in this new, switched-on era.
Together, we have transformed the way our customers operate across a variety of markets, from healthcare, logistics and retail, to the automotive industry and public sector.
This is why we are coming together. To celebrate our successes, share our knowledge, tell stories that matter, learn from one another and create a groundswell of engagement that empowers us, and our customers.
To celebrate being united through diversity.
This year, in Oracle Partner Executive Forums, we will meet and engage with each other in an inclusive, enabling, encouraging manner, always driving success. Because if our customers succeed, we all succeed.
It is through nurturing our uniqueness, and celebrating our individual values and rich diversity, that we continue to enhance our offering, distinguish ourselves, grow and evolve. So let's hear each other out, get a feel for the future, put our heads together and work towards those common goals.
Because, the more diverse and united we are, the stronger we become.
Speak to your Oracle Channel representative today to understand how you can secure an invitation to your local Partner Executive Forum and how we can transform our future together.
Country/Cluster Date On Demand for Partners in
Modern OPN
EMEA Partner Kickoff July 1, 2021 Click to Replay
Gulf & Saudi Arabia November 9, 2021 Click to Replay
Africa November 11, 2021 Click to Replay
Italy November 18, 2021 Click to Replay
LEENA December 15, 2021 Click to Replay
Germany January 27, 2022 Click to Replay
France February 3, 2022 Click to Replay
Spain March 24, 2022 Click to Replay
CEE April 7, 2022 Click to Replay
Alps April 7, 2022 Click to Replay
Turkiye April 21, 2022 Click to Replay