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Proof That Visual Social Media and Marketing-Sales Collaboration Drive Results

Proof That Visual Social Media and Marketing-Sales Collaboration Drive Results

Promoting collaboration between sales and marketing organizations can yield powerful results. One way of doing this is to give salespeople the ability to provide feedback on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

  • Cloud and Data Center RFPs Will Merge—And Other IT Infrastructure Predictions for 2016
    In the spirit of the New Year, here are a handful of IT infrastructure predictions we think will unfold in 2016.
  • 3 Ways to Differentiate Your Brand with Modern Customer Service
    Customers want to be able to switch seamlessly between self-service options, social, and call centers. Offer positive customer experiences, rather than frustrating ones, to gain more loyal patrons.
  • Why Marketing to Millennials and Other Generations Is Pointless
    Misunderstandings, missed employment and commercial opportunities, and other negative ramifications result when businesses narrowly label and define individuals according to broad cultural trends.
  • How Boingo Adapts to Constant Change
    Boingo Wireless realized it had to evolve its entire financial model to adapt to customer expectations of free Wi-Fi. Oracle ERP Cloud helped the company overcome the business challenge and succeed.
  • 5 Steps to Unlock the Value of Data Capital

    5 Steps to Unlock the Value of Data Capital

    Today’s plethora of data analytics and business intelligence tools can leave companies overwhelmed. A unified data strategy can deliver metrics that help you improve business practices and gain new insights.

  • Oracle CEO Mark Hurd on Strategy: Be ‘Somewhat Boring’
    Oracle CEO Mark Hurd advises CIOs that as they lead the shift to the cloud at their companies, CIOs will have to master three pillars of leadership: communicate a clear direction, remove obstacles to employee success, and hire the best people who are excited about what they can accomplish.
  • 5 Blind Spots of Enterprise IT Leaders
    If your enterprise IT team had to compete for the business of internal customers, would the customers choose your group? Thinking more like a business owner can bring your company immediate benefits.
  • Pride Mobility: 3 Steps to Success with a Cloud Sales Platform
    Pride Mobility Products adopted Oracle Sales Cloud to make it easier for its sales reps to access crucial information in real time, while also cutting out manual processes.
  • Marketing Gold to Be Mined from Social Media Images
    In social media, a picture may be worth a lot more than a thousand words. Oracle Social Cloud’s comprehensive listening capability provides valuable, unfiltered feedback on what consumers like, and don’t like, about your company.
  • Oracle, Tencent Reach Agreement to Advance Cloud Services in China

    Oracle, Tencent Reach Agreement to Advance Cloud Services in China

    Under a new agreement with Tencent Cloud, Oracle’s portfolio of cloud services will be offered in China. Tencent is a powerhouse in mobile, social, and consumer web applications, and perhaps best known for its fast-growing WeChat mobile messaging service. In addition, Oracle and Tencent plan to integrate their cloud services and jointly promote them in China.

  • Mobile Data Is the New Marketing Overlord
    Because mobile’s data stream essentially digitizes human behavior, marketers can target consumers with almost surgical precision. Mobile data has become the cornerstone of modern consumer marketing.
  • Oracle vs. Amazon: How Larry Ellison Sees It
    Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison said he doesn’t consider beating Amazon Web Services in the infrastructure-as-a-service business to be the most critical factor in Oracle’s quest to succeed in the cloud. The immediate goal is becoming #1 in software as a service, where Oracle has a huge portfolio of applications.
  • Larry Ellison Challenges the Status Quo of Computer Security
    Oracle recently unveiled Silicon Secured Memory, a state-of-the-art security function hardwired directly into Oracle’s new microprocessor, the SPARC M7. “We think encryption should always be on, and that's the policy in our cloud,” said Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison.
  • Why Enterprise IT Will Go the Way of US Manufacturing
    Enterprise IT shops are being disrupted by low-cost providers (public clouds) specializing in popular IT services. Survival requires a complete rethinking of strategy, with a focus on adding unique value.
  • Oracle Data Scientist Upends Conventional Digital Marketing Wisdom
    When online marketing impressions are correlated with actual sales, the data shows that first impressions are by far the most powerful in driving purchases.

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