ISV Accelerator

Do you have a new hosted product or solution that you would like to rapidly implement on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure "as-a-service"? Would you also like some assistance in getting your initial customers on boarded to your new product or solution with a repeatable plan and then promote your successes in the market?

If you answered "yes", then the ISV Accelerator has what you need. With a three-year commitment, the ISV Accelerator provides you with a focused set of technical Enablers to quickly implement or migrate your product or solution to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using best-practice methods and develop a repeatable onboarding plan for your customers. When launched with your first two customers, your Advanced Expertise in the Cloud Build Track provides additional go-to-market Enablers that help you magnify your success both to your prospective customers as well as the internal Oracle sales teams to expand your presence in the market.

What are the Requirements?

1.Active Member of OPN with Cloud Build Track enrollment.
As part of ISV Accelerator, we’ll cover your OPN Membership and Cloud Build Track enrollment fee for the first year.

2.Implement or migrate a NEW product or solution to OCI for hosting "as-a-service".
Updates, new versions, extensions of existing products, or products that directly deploy into a customer's OCI tenancy but delivered using a SaaS or subscription model are ineligible.

3.Commit to building and hosting your new product or solution on OCI for three (3) years with a total contract value (TCV) of $3M, $9M, $15M or $30M (an average Annual Recurring Revenue of $1M, $3M, $5M or $10M, respectively).
Allocations of most technical and go-to-market Enablers increase with each TCV commitment level (see benefit table below). Note: TCV commitment levels are not negotiable and the Enablers are not interchangeable.

4.All transactions related to your new product or solution will be conducted directly with Oracle.

5.Consume at least 60% of your first-year committed Annual Recurring Revenue, migrate/on board a minimum of two (2) customers, and maintain Advanced Build Expertise to continue utilizing the Go-to-Market Enablers for the remaining term of your commitment.

What are the Enablers?

Paid Oracle PartnerNetwork Member and Cloud Build Track Fee

Promotion codes provide one (1) no-cost member enrollment in Oracle PartnerNetwork and one (1) no-cost enrollment in the Cloud Build Track within the first 12 months of participation in the ISV Accelerator. This promotion code can be used for new Cloud Build Track enrollment or renewal.

Note: 1

Oracle Cloud Universal Credits for Development, Testing, and Demonstration

With participation in the ISV Accelerator, partners receive a variable amount of Oracle Cloud Services Universal Credits set forth in your order during the initial year (12 months) of participation for testing, demonstration, development and production purposes. This provides resources to accelerate the ISV development and onboarding cycles leading to customer success in Year 1.

Note: 1, 2

Oracle University PaaS/OCI Unlimited Cloud Learning Subscriptions

Oracle PaaS/OCI Unlimited Cloud Learning Subscriptions offer 24/7 access to the digital learning portfolio of Oracle Cloud PaaS, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure products for use during the initial 12 months of participation in the ISV Accelerator. This allows ISV partner’s technical teams to quickly build a critical mass of internal talent with self-paced certification to adopt Oracle Cloud using best-practice approaches.

Note: 1

Innovation, Modernization, and Cloud-Native Accelerator Assistance (Virtual/On Demand)

Access to high-touch Cloud engineering, development, technical support and Oracle Cloud Marketplace support via scheduled webinars, one-on-one remote consultations, and migration questions.

Note: 1

Technical Operations & On-Boarding Accelerator

ISV Solution Engineering and Delivery assistance to operationalize, ensure best practices, develop repeatable migration scripts, and build reference architectures to accelerate ISV operational transformation of solution delivery via Oracle Cloud.

Note: 1

ISV Customer Migration & Service Delivery Assistance

Support for initial migrations into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to optimize successful deployment, knowledge transfer and initial reference development to accelerate solution onboarding time and customer success.

Note: 1

ISV Success Specialist

Assistance from a certified Oracle Sales Specialists to promote and support the ISV's solution within the Oracle sales channels.

Note: 2, 3

Press Release Support (Service Availability, Customer Success Stories)

Partner led press release support highlighting the synergies of the ISV's solution with Oracle Cloud. Amplify and promote Oracle-approved ISV press releases highlighting the benefits of the ISV's solution running on Oracle Cloud through select media channels (e.g., social media, newsletters, etc.)

Note: 2, 3

Demand Campaigns (Customer) AND/OR Sponsorship of ISV Driven Events or Conferences

Annual campaigns (performed quarterly) for the ISV's business development team to drive attendance to an ISV webinar or other activities with Oracle customers or prospects with a specified firmographic profile or vertical industry focus.

Note: 2, 3

Customer Success Reference Activities

Assistance in the development of high-quality Customer Success stories and artifacts to drive market expansion and revenue generation.

Note: 2, 3

ISV Speaking Opportunities @ Oracle-Driven Events or Conferences

Invitation to present and promote the ISV's solution running on Oracle Cloud.

Note: 2, 3

Demand Campaigns (Internal to Oracle)

Annual campaigns (performed quarterly) to promote the ISV certified solution by the ISV team to interested internal Oracle sales channels and drive demand to an ISV delivered webinar or reference materials.

Note: 2, 3

Member of Oracle ISV Advisory Board

Participation by one (1) executive member of the ISV team on an Oracle ISV Advisory Board for greater insight into Oracle Cloud strategies for ISVs.

Note: 2, 3

To get more information or speak with someone about the ISV Accelerator, please contact your Oracle Sales Representative. If you don’t know who your sales person is, no worries, just send a request to Oracle Sales for more information.

1 Available during the first year of the commitment term.
2 Use of the Oracle Universal PaaS and IaaS Credits is as provided for in the ISV Accelerator Attachment to your Cloud Ordering Document.
3 Continued availability during commitment term with 60% consumption of the previous year committed Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and attainment of Powered by Oracle Cloud Advanced Build Expertise. Please see qualification requirements for the Powered by Oracle Cloud Advanced Build Expertise here.