Oracle Ready Eligibility Criteria for Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs)

Oracle Solaris Ready Oracle Linux Ready Oracle VM Ready
Level Program Criteria Business Criteria
Gold, Platinum Partner Administrator:


Partnering Company:

  • Provide an active URL to a web page that describes your hardware product.
  • Provide an active URL to a web page that describes your product warranty and technical support information.
  • Your hardware product must be available to commercial customers.
  • You must publish a commercial price for your hardware product on your standard price list or price schedule.
  • You must successfully run either the Oracle Solaris Hardware Compatibility Test Suite (download kit) or the Oracle Linux and Oracle VM HCL Test Suite (request info) to ensure compliance. Approved Oracle Ready IHV products will be listed on the Oracle Solaris HCL or Oracle Linux and Oracle VM HCL (if they also meet the separate Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) requirements), with special notation to highlight your achievement of Oracle Solaris Ready, Oracle Linux Ready and Oracle VM Ready status and distinguish your product from other products on the HCL.
  • You must regularly release new updates of your hardware product and/or new version releases of your product to your customers to whom you provide technical support.
  • You must keep your Ready hardware products current within 12 months of GA dates for major releases of same Oracle products.
  • You must comply with Oracle APIs (DDI/DKI for drivers) – Solaris only.
  • You must comply with approved Oracle Linux kernels – Linux only.

  • Upon approval for Oracle Ready status, we strongly recommend that you add the corresponding logo(s) to your product website and collateral.

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The following partner products are not eligible to participate in Oracle Ready for IHVs:

    • Operating system (OS)
    • Vendor clusterware
    • Third party Cluster File System (CFS)
    • Virtualization technology
    • Interconnect protocol
    • Web browser
    • Non-native file systems


    • Migration tools
    • Application development tools
    • Systems and storage management

If you are a software vendor, please refer to Oracle Exastack Ready for Software Applications.

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