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Second Year Support Calculator

Note: This tool will help you calculate the 2nd year support fees for new transactions. For more information, refer to Oracle's Technical Support Policies. This tool is intended for Partners selling Oracle Technical Support. Please select your country and enter the support fees in the currency selected.

Enter your license information :
Enter net first year support fees in local currency

(Eg : 100000 not 100,000)
As a VAD or VAR enter the support fee you are paying Oracle in the first year. Do not enter the support fees you are charging the customer. Round the figure to the nearest whole number.
Are you acting as a VAR or a VAD? Select the most appropriate response for this transaction. If you are an authorized Oracle VAD, but in this transaction are selling directly to an end-user, the most appropriate response is VAR.

Second Year Support to Quote :
Net Support Fees This is the support fee the end user will pay Oracle in the second year. If you are acting as a reseller, this must be communicated to the end user and submitted to Oracle in the Partner Ordering Document (POD) or the VAD Ordering Document (VOD). For all other support partner engagements Oracle will quote the fees due in year two to the Partner or VAD at time of renewal.