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OPN Requirements Table

Competency Criteria
US $9,995 (excluding tax)
Achieve either combination of 5:
  • Qualifying Specializations, Cloud Excellence Implementer designations, Oracle Validated Integrations or Oracle Exastack Optimized designations

  • OR

  • Oracle Exastack Ready or Oracle Exastack Optimized designations with at least 1 being Optimized
US $2,995 (excluding tax)
US $500 (excluding tax)

Specialization Thresholds by Level

Qualifying Specializations
5 or more
4* or less

Note: Gold level partners achieving five (5) qualifying specializations or more will be expected to upgrade their membership to the Platinum level at their renewal period.

*Gold level members may achieve Specializations and qualification designations such as Cloud Excellence Implementer, Exastack Optimized and Oracle Validated Integrations. For Gold membership, the maximum number of qualified Specializations, as defined below, and qualification designations combined is four (4). If a Gold member exceeds a combined total of four (4) qualified Specializations/qualification designations, then the member must upgrade their membership to the Platinum membership level at the next renewal.

Qualifying Specialization

To be a "qualifying" version of a Specialization, a Specialization must be either in the most recent product version or, during the one-year period during which you must meet the criteria for the newest version of a Specialization, the version being "phased out" will continue to qualify you to receive Benefits for Specialization and meet the criteria for Platinum status. If you have two versions of the same Specialization, only the most recently available Specialization will count as the qualifying Specialization.