Native Cloud App Development

Cloud-native app development refers to a modern application development paradigm that focuses on developing applications for the cloud first or only for cloud. With cloud-native development, applications can be delivered faster and in a more agile fashion than traditional applications. Oracle’s solution is the Oracle Cloud Platform AppDev set of services. We've examined the five or six capabilities that a cloud-native platform needs—DevOps, microservices, API management, Docker, mobile, and diagnostics—and built a platform where these are tightly integrated to work together. This solution is more than first-class cloud-native tools—it's an ecosystem that these projects need: services for integration, collaboration, data, identity, management, and so on.

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    Featured Resource

    Cloud Native Application Development – A New Computing Paradi

    Born out of necessity for the rapid delivery of Internet-based services on a global scale, the Cloud Native approach to application delivery has emerged.

    Cloud Native Application Development – A New Computing Paradi
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    • Cloud-Native Delivers

      Read more to understand why cloud native projects outperform traditional enterprise development.

    • Low-Code and On-Device

      If you are aiming for an even better user experience for mobile users, you can create on-device mobile apps with Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service. These applications install and run on the device and provide a native look and feel, mobile-optimized gesture support, and the ability to leverage device features such as geolocation.

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