Migrate Your Applications & Workloads to the Cloud

Oracle Cloud provides integrated tools for taking your Java, Windows and non-Windows based apps to the cloud quickly and without risk. With Oracle, migrating your applications and development processes to the cloud is easier than you think.

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    Railroads Roll Ahead With Cloud-Based Crew Management

    Helping rail operators tackle the huge challenge of scheduling is CrewPro, the railroad crew management software from PS Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Union Pacific Railroad.

    The cloud version of CrewPro runs entirely on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure–a platform chosen, says Chundru, after evaluating cloud offerings from Oracle, Microsoft, and Amazon. The CrewPro Short Line code running within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is written in Java, using the open source AngularJS framework to power the user experience, and Oracle Database Cloud to store the data.

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    • Oracle's Integrated Approach to IaaS

      According to Gartner, 83% of CIOs now consider IaaS as an option for replacing their costly, traditional infrastructure. Oracle’s integrated approach to IaaS means you can achieve your IT efficiency and performance goals, and put your infrastructure worries behind you.

    • Introducing Oracle Cloud

      Welcome to the Oracle Cloud: the industry’s broadest and most integrated public cloud platform. With best-in-class services from IaaS to PaaS and SaaS, you can drive agility and innovation, lower IT costs, and reduce IT complexity.

    • Using Oracle Compute Cloud Service

      An enterprise grade infrastructure service that provides a rapidly provisioned virtual compute environment to easily migrate workloads and run them at scale with predictable, consistent performance, control and visibility.

    • Introducing Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Service

      Enterprises today are seeking options to move their on-premises workloads to the cloud. They want the benefits of cloud without leaving behind the predictability, governance, and security of the corporate data center. With the addition of Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services, Oracle provides an enterprise cloud platform that operates exactly as customers want it to.

    • Three Predictions for 2025 You Can Take to the Bank via Oracle CEO Mark Hurd

      Today's CEOs have to navigate the treacherous straits between constrained budgets on the one side, and on the other, the challenge of finding new ways of identifying and delighting new customers.

    • Top 10 Cloud Predictions for 2017

      Cloud computing is moving at a dizzying pace. How will your relationship with the cloud change over the course of the coming year?

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