Why Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud is comprised of a comprehensive set of enterprise grade platform (PaaS) and Infrastructure (IaaS) services, based on open industry standard technologies – including the industry's #1 database and middleware technologies. Oracle offers partners a secure and highly functioning cloud environment that delivers agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

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    HighJump and Fortinet bring ironclad security to supply chain management on Oracle Cloud

    In a recent interview, Jared Mendenhall, Director of Cloud Operations/Security at HighJump discusses that to secure its solutions on Oracle Cloud, HighJump turned to Fortinet, an Oracle partner and global provider of network security appliances, to provide the enhanced level of security to meet their customers’ needs.

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    The Oracle Cloud Advantages for Independent Software Vendors

    The Oracle Cloud Advantage - this report details four main advantages (Economic, Automation, Price/Performance and Innovation) to migrating your existing applications and Oracle Technology software licenses to Oracle Cloud.

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    Oracle Cloud ~ Total Cost of Ownership

    To grow your business, you need to innovate while reducing and controlling the TCO of your IT. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Service offerings run the same workloads with less capacity, providing greater value compared with traditional deployments. Oracle’s innovation extends beyond technology, making it easy to purchase and consume cloud as best fits your business, while allowing you to leverage existing software licensing investments. Oracle can help you develop a strategic roadmap and advance your journey to the cloud.

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    Leveraging the Oracle Cloud

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services enable you to enrich your applications, leveraging pre-built infrastructure and integrations to increase your agility. Take advantage of available functionality, automation, tools and capabilities enabled by Oracle Cloud Platform services to modernize your applications and more quickly meet customer demands. As Oracle continues to extend the capabilities of its cloud services, your applications will inherit these enhancements and the operational efficiencies that come from the Oracle Autonomous Cloud.

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    White Papers

    White Papers

    • The Oracle Cloud Advantages for Independent Software Vendors

      The Oracle Cloud Advantage - this report details four main advantages (Economic, Automation, Price/Performance and Innovation) to migrating your existing applications and Oracle Technology software licenses to Oracle Cloud.

    • Oracle’s Approach to the Cloud is Clearly Differentiated

      Ovum research indicates that future IT environments will be a hybrid mixture of on-premises, SaaS, and public cloud services (IaaS and/or PaaS).


      The autonomous database as a service will enable greater business value and a guarantee of service availability.

      Recognizing the importance of the edge cloud and how it is connected is a real differentiator.

      A new financial model to purchasing cloud is designed to meet the flexible business demand organizations expect from CIOs.

    • Next-Generation Cloud Delivers Enterprise Scale

      Dao Research recently published a whitepaper, entitled “Next-Generation Cloud Delivers Enterprise Scale”, which investigated enterprise cloud deployments across four use cases on three popular cloud platforms: Oracle, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. These four use cases include:

      •  Cloud infrastructure for enterprise operations
      •  Packaged or custom applications with large production databases
      •  Cloud-native application development
      •  Migration of enterprise applications and workloads to the cloud
    • Moving to the Right Cloud

      With 50% year-on-year growth, the SaaS market represents huge opportunities for ISVs. In this executive briefing, we look at why Oracle Cloud is the best to help you maximize growth and revenues.

    • ISV's Shifting App Testing

      ISVs Shifting App Testing and Development to the Cloud cuts costs and saves time. To succeed in today’s fast-moving market, you need to deliver frequent updates for your customers. Oracle Cloud’s highly flexible test/dev environment can help you stay agile, and deliver new features faster.

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    Partner Spotlight

    • Cisco Tetration gains 75% utilization and 60x (6000%) performance improvement on OCI

      Only Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provided Cisco Tetration with the CPU utilization and I/O throughput that allowed them to create a new business model. With a gain of 75% utilization and a 60x performance improvement over other clouds, solutions costs were significantly decreased down allowing them to transfer cost savings to their customers.

    • Cisco/Tetration and Manhattan Associates Win with Oracle Cloud

      Oracle EVP Inderjeet Singh interviews ISV partners Cisco/Tetration and Manhattan Associates. Hear how Oracle Cloud has decreased operating costs in their software applications while significantly increasing performance and time to market.

    • Allianz Moves Mission Critical Workloads to Oracle Cloud

      Allianz Technology, one of the world's largest travel insurance companies, moves complex, data-intensive mission critical database workloads to Oracle Cloud, reducing on-premises infrastructure costs while increasing agility and time to market.

    • MapR Technologies optimizes customer experience and savings with Oracle Cloud

      Tom Fisher, EVP & CTO, MapR Technologies recently stated that although their applications are run on other cloud providers, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides a unique configuration increasing compute speed by 36%, and storage speed up to 50%. OCI has also allowed access to customer data far more quickly than ever before to provide customers with not only the most optimized experience but also the most cost effective one.

    • OceanX Gains 3 x Performance with OCI and Exadata Cloud

      CEO Georg Richter and VP of Data and Analytics Vijay Manickam at OceanX, a subscription commerce platform, discuss how OceanX helps its customers scale direct-to-consumer business using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Exadata Cloud Service.

    • FICO Scales with Oracle Cloud

      Doug Clare, Vice President, FICO, describes how Oracle cloud extended the performance of one of their key applications. Doug states that FICO needed to scale their software more than 3X. Oracle was able to spin up a cloud environment very quickly and provide global round the clock support to finish the testing.

    • FireEye Cyber Security Powered by OCI

      FireEye stops global cyber security attacks and analyzes tens of millions of emails daily using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for 20 to 30% higher performance, 40 to 50% cost reduction in disaster recovery, and faster time to market.

    • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Provides MSP Ntiva with Peace of Mind

      As an MSP, Ntiva provides expert managed IT service and support. With their previous provider, they were suffering from outages and constant disk I/O contention. The move to OCI changed all that and provided the peace of mind they sought.

    • Alliance Data Saves More Than $1M per Year with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

      Alliance Data Systems powers rewards programs for Dell, Walgreens, Williams-Sonoma, Sephora, and many others. They moved 6TB of mission critical data from on-premises to OCI and will save more than $1M per year as a result.

    • How Two Organizations Put New Autonomous Database Technology to Work

      CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and Data Intensity, a global leader for independent multi-cloud managed services, have reaped the many benefits of autonomous. Data is now a key asset for all businesses and Oracle Autonomous Database ensures you get more value out of your data.

    • Oracle Upgrades Its Cloud Marketplace for Rapid Provisioning of ISV Solutions

      With the coming of Oracle’s new Stack Marketplace feature, Fortinet VP of cloud Matt Pley shares that the click-to-launch features coming to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace will reduce the time and complexity of provisioning its software. “The Stack Marketplace feature enables delivery of comprehensive solutions, like bundling the load balancing software for nodes needed to apply security services,” Pley said.

    • Manhattan Associates Finds Savings and Stability with Oracle Cloud

      Over a year ago, Manhattan Associates moved its supply chain solutions to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, where the versatility and flexibility of Oracle Cloud in both the application and database layer resulted in a 50% savings from its previous cloud solutions. With the help of Oracle Exadata Cloud Service, Manhattan offers a solution able to satisfy the performance needs of its large volume customers: "This day and age, Exadata is really the only solution that is able to provide them with the speed and the high ability that they need to manage those critical operations 24/7 in an environment that really can't afford any down time"

    • HighJump Sees Unmatched Price Performance and Value-Added with Oracle Cloud

      Compared to classic clouds used in the past, HighJump has seen a 50-60% improvement in its price performance capabilities on Oracle technology. Additionally "One of the critical value propositions for HighJump in partnership with Oracle has really been the joint go-to-market solutions that are available to us. All of those go-to-market strategies have created an environment where this partnership creates real tangible value both in the way that we serve our existing customers, but also in the way that we grow our community and create more value through the HighJump ecosystem."

    • Sentry Data Systems keeps customer data secure with Exadata Cloud at Customer

      Travis Leonardi, CEO, and Kim Jacques, CIO, share how the healthcare leader Sentry Data Systems innovates and saves money for their customers by adopting Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer.

    • Construction Software Firm Sees Growth From Cloud Infrastructure Move

      Customers of CMiC opt for a unified approach: A single software platform, driven by a single database, to cover an entire project—from shovel to shingle. CMiC is looking forward to migrating his SaaS offering to the latest Oracle Autonomous Database shortly: "An autonomous database is exactly what we want because we can't always anticipate what's going to be needed. We would rather have the system monitoring for security itself, and let Oracle take care of how that is done."

    • Turkey's leading automobile manufacturer launches an ambitious mobile initiative.

      "Working with Smartface, we were able to shift our focus to a mobile orientation and put that into practice through design thinking and agile practices. And we did all of that with an enterprise-class foundation, thanks to Oracle." - Oguzhan Yildiz, CIO Renault-MAIS

    • SmartERP moves away from AWS and Rackspace to Oracle Cloud

      Doris Wong, CEO SmartERP Solutions recently stated that SmartERP moved from other clouds to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to consolidate on one common platform, improve security and reduce costs in less than 4 months securing their SaaS application on Oracle Cloud.

    • DXC Technologies Trusts OCI for Cloud Migrations

      David Mobbs, Global Oracle Cloud and Digital Transformation Leader, DXC Technologies states that through case studies and workloads with their customers, they found unparalleled value, performance and scalability to accelerate cloud migration for their customers using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

      “We trust Oracle and we can use it to safely and quickly, with minimal risk, migrate our existing customers to a new platform.”

  • Additional Resources

    Additional Resources

    • Introducing Oracle Cloud

      Welcome to the Oracle Cloud: the industry’s broadest and most integrated public cloud platform. With best-in-class services from IaaS to PaaS and SaaS, you can drive agility and innovation, lower IT costs, and reduce IT complexity.

    • Oracle Cloud Marketplace - Market your applications globally

      Discover the difference Oracle Cloud Marketplace can make for your business by reaching over 425,000 Oracle customers and fast-track new business opportunities in the cloud. Showcase your Oracle-integrated services and applications across industries and regions.

    • Oracle's Integrated Approach to IaaS

      According to Gartner, 83% of CIOs now consider IaaS as an option for replacing their costly, traditional infrastructure. Oracle’s integrated approach to IaaS means you can achieve your IT efficiency and performance goals, and put your infrastructure worries behind you.

    • Enterprise-grade MySQL in the Oracle Cloud

      Building enterprise apps in the cloud based on the open-source MySQL database is simple with Oracle MySQL Cloud Service. You get tools for seamless migration, automated database management, back-up and recovery, multi-layer security, and more.

    • Introducing Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Service

      Enterprises today are seeking options to move their on-premises workloads to the cloud. They want the benefits of cloud without leaving behind the predictability, governance, and security of the corporate data center. With the addition of Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services, Oracle provides an enterprise cloud platform that operates exactly as customers want it to.

    • Oracle Trial

      Give the Oracle Cloud a test drive! Try our cloud services for free and discover how they can transform your business.

    • Why Independent Software Vendors Are Making The Leap To The Cloud

      In this Forbes.com article, Software companies Opencell and Ventureforth explain why they made the leap to the Oracle Cloud Platform.

    • Benchmark Test Results Demonstrates Oracle Database-as-a-Service is 20 Years Ahead of Amazon Web Services

      In his keynote presentation at Oracle OpenWorld, Larry Ellison shared benchmark test results that showed that Oracle Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) performed up to 105X faster for Analytics workloads, 35X faster for online transaction processing (OLTP), and 1000+X faster for mixed workloads compared to Amazon DBaaS. Download to read the detailed comparison of Database Cloud Services.

    • Three Predictions for 2025 You Can Take to the Bank via Oracle CEO Mark Hurd

      Today’s CEOs have to navigate the treacherous straits between constrained budgets on the one side, and on the other, the challenge of finding new ways of identifying and delighting new customers.

    • Oracle's Top 6 Predictions for Developers in 2017

      Siddhartha Agarwal, Oracle's VP of Product Management and Strategy, talks about the trends his company expects to impact developers in the coming year.

    • Leverage Oracle Cloud to extend, enrich and modernize your applications

      Oracle brings the highest level of quality and engineering to the public cloud, helping you to maximize the value of your existing technology investments and training. Take advantage today of the capabilities that Oracle's Cloud Platform Services offers you.

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