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NOTE: After February 28, 2019 Oracle will no longer accept new applications for the Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider Program.
The Managed Service Provider Program has been revised in Modernized OPN as Managed Service Expertise. Please review the expertise catalog under service to review the qualifiers to achieve the expertise.
Cloud Managed Service Provider

Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider Criteria

Participation in the Oracle Cloud MSP Program is a multi-step process that includes the fulfillment of various criteria. Detailed steps on how to become an Oracle Cloud MSP are described in the Overview section. Below is the set of annual requirements for the program.

For partners new to the Oracle Cloud MSP Program:
You will have a 9 month “momentum” period, from the execution date of your Oracle Cloud Managed Services Provider Amendment to the Oracle Cloud Services Agreement, in order to meet the Oracle MSP revenue, third party audit, and customer reference criteria.

Oracle MSP Criteria

OPN Membership & Agreements
  • Oracle PartnerNetwork member in good standing with a valid OPN Agreement
  • Cloud Standard, Cloud Select, Cloud Premier, Cloud Elite or Global Cloud Elite partner
  • Valid Managed Services Provider Amendment to the Oracle Cloud Services Agreement or Managed Services Provider Schedule to the Oracle Cloud Services Agreement Addendum to the Oracle PartnerNetwork Master Distribution Agreement.

Oracle MSP Revenue (Momentum Period)*

  • $600K Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in Oracle Cloud Platform IaaS and/or PaaS transacted as an Oracle Cloud MSP calculated on a rolling cumulative basis for the preceding 12 month period

Customer References (Momentum Period)*

  • 3 published Customer References including:
    • Oracle and Non-Oracle workloads on Oracle Compute
    • Oracle workload with Oracle Database Cloud Services
    • Any workload with any IaaS or PaaS environment

Note: Must be new customers (within 12 months) currently paying for the partner's Oracle-based managed services.

**See below for specific details on requirements for published customer references.

Oracle Cloud Certification

MSP Validation Checklist Self-Assessment, Audit, Oracle Review & Approval (Audit is part of Momentum Period)*

  • Oracle Cloud MSP Self-Assessment Checklist reviewed and approved by Oracle
  • Successful completion of 3rd Party Audit process

Note: The above elements described in the Transact section here provides evidence of automation tools with API level integration with Oracle IaaS, PaaS for provisioning and the ability to provide managed services for customers with Oracle and non-Oracle workloads on the Oracle Cloud Platform with documented processes, expertise, Oracle cloud specific assets and automation tools on Oracle Cloud.

* Elements labeled as (Momentum Period) in the table will not be assessed at the time of program application; however, partners must work towards meeting these criteria prior to the end of the 9-month momentum period, at which time they will be assessed to maintain status in the Oracle Cloud MSP Program. All other criteria not labeled as (Momentum Period) criteria will be assessed at the time of the partner's application to the program.

** A published customer reference may be a written story, video, magazine article, ebook or go-live press release. The story must be published on a public website available for public access and must have been published within the 12 months prior to the partner's application for program recognition. The customers referenced must be new customers (within 12 months) currently paying for the partner's Oracle-based managed services booked under the partner's MSP Amendment or Schedule. The published reference must include the specified end user's company name, the Oracle product name, the type of workload being run, as well as a description of the business value and measurable benefits of Oracle Cloud Platform. Learn more about developing customer success stories on the Partner/Customer Reference Program section of the OPN Website and submit your reference story to your Oracle partner account manager for consideration.

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