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Oracle Hospitality for Hotels and Resorts

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Why Integrate with Oracle Hospitality Products?

The Oracle Hospitality Partner Integration program offers a comprehensive set of tools to complete and validate integrations with Oracle Hospitality products. Both cloud and on-premise integrations are available for ISVs looking to build repeatable integrations to Oracle Hospitality products.

  • To help our partners we have published our APIs on The OPERA APIs are for OPERA 5 premise, OPERA 5 Hosted and OPERA Cloud.

    We recommend that before going forward with the process you would review the various APIs to get a better idea of what kind of integrations are available

    OPERA API Glossary


    • OPERA Web Self-Service is designed to support data transfers between clients web booking engine and the OPERA Room Reservation or OPERA Property
    • OWS is a collection of Web Services that provide client applications with access to key functionality in OPERA.
    • The Kiosk Interface provides a link to allow hotel kiosk systems to interact directly with the Property Management System to perform tasks such as unassisted check-in and check-out. The OPERA Kiosk Interface is provided as a web service, utilizing standard SOAP calls.


    • The generic OPERA Exchange Interface and XML standard layout are building the base for all interfaces to OPERA. All customization and specific business logic are programmed into an OPERA Exchange Adapter (OXA) and into OXI module by way off parameters, which also serves as the communication parts. The expectation is that the external system is storing exchanged data in their database.
    • OXI can be used for reservation systems, channel mangers, yield and also revenue management systems. It can also be used for CRMs


    • OPERA supports the HTNG 2008b Single Guest Itinerary web service specifications, with added OPERA proprietary message extensions. Supported functionality includes: activity bookings, POS Postings, basic reservation and profile exchange.
    IFC8 FIAS – OPERA and Suite 8
    • FIAS is a universal protocol specification which can be used by different kinds of third party systems to exchange data. It allows a system to define its own specific data records using the list of available record types and fields to create desired functionality to be supported within an interface.
    • Currently it supports following IFC Types:
    • Telephone management: Automatically bills guest calls to account and displays guest name at reception.
    • Voice message systems: Supports guest mailboxes and hotel system.
    • Point-of-sale: Transfers restaurant bills to guest account.
    • Key service systems: Automatically cuts keys at check in that allow guests access to their rooms and other authorized areas such as fitness offerings, etc.
    • Video service systems: Greets guests with a welcome screen and allows them to call up their bill at any time. Videos bills are posted to guest account.
    • Minibar systems: Automatically bills the consumed items.
    • Vending systems: Allows guests to charge items purchased in vending machines to account.
    • Electronic funds transfer: Authorizes payment at check in and authorizes/settles at check out.
    • Building management: Saves energy by cooling/heating a room only when occupied.
    • Internet posting systems: Automatically bills guest Internet usage to account.
    • Digital Signage systems: Transfer basic event information to a digital signage system (Readerboard)
    Suite 8 API Glossary

    Suite 8 Advanced Kiosk

    • The Kiosk Interface provides a link to allow hotel kiosk systems to interact directly with the Property Management System to perform tasks such as unassisted check-in and check-out. The OPERA Kiosk Interface is provided as a web service, utilizing XML messages

    Suite 8 OTA

    • The CRS Standard XML Interface allows uploading trigger based hotel, rate and room type availability for OTA, the OpenTravel Alliance, OTA is a non-profit organization which develops open data transmission specifications for the electronic exchange of business information for the travel industry, including but not limited to the use of XML.
  • Oracle Hospitality Partner Integration Program Criteria

    Partner solution complementary to Oracle products as determined by Oracle*

    Partner solution compliant with Industry Security Standards

    • Partner solution is secure and does not open Oracle software up to external exposer or information breaches
    • Partner solution is PCI compliant (comprising PCI DSS, PCI PTS, PCI P2PE, PCI PA DSS) as necessary

    Support & Distribution Channel

    • Partner provides on-going support services to its customers for the partner solution
    • Partner has an active sales channel (in-house, outsourced or dealer/reseller network)
    • Existing Product
    • Partner solution is generally available
    • Hotels

      • Metasearch Connectivity paired with Analytics & Bidding Tool
      • Corporate RFP Management (Consortia)
      • Website Content Management
      • OTA Distribution Management

      • CRM
      • Upselling
      • Reputation Management
      • Voucher
      • ID & Passport Scanning
      • Housekeeping Management
      • Pre/post Stay Marketing

      Yield/Revenue Management

      Rate Shopping

      Sales & Catering
      • Online Group Bookings
      • Room Planning
      • RFP Capabilities

      Booking Engine
      • Payment Providers
      • Guest Review Consolidation

      Self Check-in/ Check-out
      • Kiosk & Guest Facing App


      Spa, Golf & Leisure


    • Cruise

      Shipboard Property Management System

      Fleet Management

      Materials Management

      Dining Management System

      Cruise Venue Management

    • Payment

      Payment providers

    *Solutions that might cause confusion for customers from a branding or feature perspective, among others, might not be considered complementary for the purposes of meeting the eligibility analysis

  • Below you can find the breakdown of the fees linked to a validation and more information can be found here

      Fee Metric
    OPN Membership Work in Progress Annual
    Oracle Validated Integration Program Fees Schedule for Oracle Hospitality USD $1,500 Per Validated Integration
    Oracle Cloud Marketplace No Program Fee N/A
    Oracle Hospitality Consulting Validation + Support SOW Varies, Average USD $7,000 to $15,000 (cost could be greater based upon the scope of work) Per Validated Integration
  • After having reviewed the criteria, APIs and applicable fees you are now ready to proceed with submitting the request.

    • Submit request via this link
    • Request will be reviewed by strategy team – can take up to 4 weeks
    • Based on the review outcome you will be provided with the information for the next steps
    • If the request is approved you will be asked to join the Oracle Partner Network and you will also be asked to join the Oracle Cloud Market place for cloud validations and/or the Oracle Validated Integrations path for the on premise validation

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