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INTEGRATE with Oracle MICROS Simphony

As the industry-leading cloud-based POS system, Oracle MICROS Simphony centralizes and simplifies operations so restaurants of all sizes can focus on serving great food and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Oracle MICROS Simphony has an open API architecture and robust ecosystem that can enable any integration partner to orchestrate great guest experiences and maximize new business models. Create a connected experience from a single transaction platform that’s built for scale.

Developing your Simphony-integrated solution will drive value for our restaurant operators by leading to more meaningful guest experiences. Our Oracle MICROS Simphony Integration Program is designed for both self-paced initiatives as well as integration partners looking to engage with us and leverage our program benefits.

Step 1
Step 1Step 1:

REVIEW Simphony’s Open API Architecture

Oracle MICROS Simphony offers several integration points that can enhance any aspect of restaurant operations: online ordering, menu and pricing management, kitchen display, labor and scheduling, inventory management, customer loyalty, and overall performance analytics. All from a single cloud platform.

Front of House

Transaction Services Gen1 (STSG1)

Enables digital ordering applications to connect directly with the local Simphony POS system.(Supported on all Simphony versions).

Apiary for STSG1

Transaction Services Gen2 (STSG2)

A RESTful transaction interface that is both scalable and responsive so it can power digital ordering applications supporting multiple use cases including full combo meal functionality (requires Simphony 19.2+and R&A 20.1+).

Apiary for STSG2


Enables ISV partner applications to customize and enhance Simphony POS Client functionality.

Extensibility Reference Guide

Loyalty/Stored Value Command Module

Consists of a module/driver pair: the module contains business logic, while the driver communicates with a third-party provider via some communications mechanism (for example, a port or a web service).

Command Module Reference Guide


Leverage this web service to programmatically import and export POS configuration data.

Apiary for Import/Export

Back Office

Reporting & Analytics Standard Export

Supports end-of-day (EOD) exports of Simphony sales and operational data points.

Standard Export User Guide

Business Intelligence (BI) API

A highly scalable and secure RESTful API that allows real-time access to Simphony transactional, operational and kitchen data in the cloud (requires Simphony 19.2+ and R&A 20.1+).

BI API Reference Guide

Labor Management

Allows workforce applications to retrieve and modify labor information, manage schedules and access time card punches.

Apiary for Labor Management

Step 2
Step 2Step 2:

JOIN our Network and CONNECT with Us

Once you’ve identified the Simphony integration point(s) that your solution will leverage, please complete the action items below. These steps represent the onboarding phase of our Integration Program.

OPN Questions? Visit the PartnerHelp Portal and submit your support ticket today.

Step 3
Step 3Step 3:

VALIDATE & Go-To-Market

After completing validation testing with our Integrations Team, it’s time to make the final edits to your cloud marketplace listing. By publishing your listing to the MICROS Simphony Cloud Marketplace, your integration earns public recognition as a validated solution.

Our Marketplace offers a unique opportunity to promote your general market solution to current and prospective customers as well as our direct sales and reseller communities. Below are some suggested recommendations and resource links to assist with creating a more compelling listing.

Optimization Recommendations

  • Configure all available outbound URLs (Launch Demo, Self-Paced Training & Get App buttons)
  • Leverage all available social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Incorporate Hi Res Images for listing banners as well as company & product logos
  • Upload product demo files, user flow screenshots and applicable sales collateral
  • Add market-specific terms, synonyms, and other keyword tags
  • Feature Oracle MICROS Simphony promotional offers

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