Oracle Data Integration

Oracle Data Integration

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Gold and Platinum level partners are eligible to distribute all programs available under the Database and Middleware Knowledge Zones.


Silver level partners are eligible to distribute all programs available under the 1-Click Technology Knowledge Zone.

  • 1. Membership Criteria

    Partners must join the OPN Program at the Gold Level (or higher) to resell Database and Middleware Programs (XLSX). Silver Level partners are limited to reselling the 1-Click Technology Programs (PDF) only. Level requirements can be found in the OPN Criteria Table.

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    2. Competency Criteria

    There are no additional competency criteria to resell Database and Middleware Programs.

Meet Criteria
  • Partners must have a valid Oracle Full Use Program Distribution Agreement (FUDA) to resell Database and Middleware or 1-Click Programs.

    The FUDA can be executed online from the Oracle Partner Store (OPS).

    No Resell Application Required

    Once you have executed your Full Use Distribution Agreement, resell rights for Database and Middleware Programs or 1-Click Technology Program are automatically activated inside Oracle Partner Store (OPS).

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