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Oracle Cloudに対する専門知識、スキル、コミットメントをアピールできます

OPN Program Update: A modernized Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) program is now available. If you have
not yet upgraded your membership, review the program details and upgrade guidance for active OPN members to ensure you understand how the next generation OPN will impact and enhance your existing investments.
OPN Cloud Program

Oracle Cloud Provides Differentiation

Oracle PartnerNetwork Cloud Programs Recognize and Reward Investments and Expertise in Oracle Cloud

Oracle PartnerNetwork has evolved to offer new opportunities for partners to transform and accelerate their business with Oracle Cloud. The Cloud program, with tiered designations, recognizes those partners that engage with Oracle and invest in Oracle Cloud, by offering them incremental and progressive benefits to complement and build on the existing OPN program levels. Partners are able to differentiate their Oracle Cloud expertise and success with customers.

Qualification into these tiers is based on the following elements:

Annual Renewable Revenue (ARR)
  • ARR is a valuation used for bookings and subscriptions that represents the average annualized revenue of a subscription over its Service term. ARR is the industry and Oracle standard valuation for reporting Apps and Tech-Non-Metered bookings and subscriptions. Annual committed by customer that is booked in First Year, then subsequent years (Non-Cancellable Contract Value / Non- Cancellable Term in Days) * 365 = ARR. Must be a renewable offering.
  • Oracle will count Co-Sell, Resell and Referral ARR generated by the partner and aggregated worldwide toward meeting criteria for Cloud designations. Oracle will count 1 year ARR in the first year of booking. For example, if a partner books a $300K/3-years deal in Q316, $100K will be reported in Q316; for that deal, nothing subsequent to that quarter will be counted from a booking perspective.
  • The partner must meet the ARR thresholds by counting the 4 Oracle quarters’ bookings that are reportable prior to their applying for the tier. Reporting is generally available about 6 weeks after an Oracle quarter closes.
  • If the partner is a Worldwide and Associate group, the ARR will be aggregated across all entities wherever the deals took place.
  • A Cloud product order equal to or greater than US$10,000 counts as a Cloud Transaction.
  • The transaction can be conducted in a different country/geography from the partner company.
  • Transactions can be aggregated across Worldwide and Associate entities.
  • Transactions must be registered in your company's name (or another entity within your company's Worldwide/Associate group) in the applicable Oracle order management systems as a Resell, Non-Commission Co-Sell or Referral deal.
  • Internal transactions may not be used to meet criteria.
  • The count of Cloud Transactions is based on orders booked within the four (4) reportable Oracle fiscal quarters.
Successful go-live Cloud implementations
  • Partners will be asked for a contact and information about their customer through a form available on the Oracle Partner Store
    (Memberships > My Cloud Designations > Submit Go-Live Questionnaire. Information to be provided includes:
      - Customer Name, Country, Contact Name, Email ID, Phone Number
      - Description of the customer's implementation and definition of the value to the customer
      - Scale of the project (number of users, department or enterprise, number of sites, single or multi-country, hybrid or pure cloud, etc.)
      - Products included in the project
      - Date of Implementation Go-Live
  • Partner is responsible for attaining permission for Oracle to contact the customer
  • Customer will be contacted by email and asked to complete a survey. If the customer rates the partner with a Satisfactory score, the Go-Live will be counted towards meeting the criteria. Customer will provide feedback on the following:
      - Overall level of satisfaction with partner with respect to this project implementation
      - Knowledge of Oracle products and services
      - Knowledge and skills of implementation personnel
      - Knowledge of your industry
      - Understanding of your business issues and priorities
      - Quality of deliverables
      - Ability to deliver on time
      - Ability to deliver within budget
      - Management of project issues and escalations
      - Project and program skills
  • Go-Lives will be counted if completed within the 12 months prior to the partner’s application for the specific designation
Published Cloud success stories

A published success story may be a written story, video, magazine article, ebook or go-live press release. The story must be published on a public website and must have been published within the trailing 12 months prior to the partner’s application for the specific designation. In order for a reference to count towards the annual reference requirement, it must meet the following criteria:

  • The customer implementation has been live for at least three months
  • The customer’s name is used in the reference
  • The Oracle product name or solution must be featured – it must be a Cloud product
  • The Oracle product or solution deployed is the current version
  • The reference clearly defines the business value and measurable benefits of deploying the Oracle solution
  • The reference clearly defines the business value and measurable benefits of the partner implementation services or solution
  • The finished reference asset is repeatable – meaning it is available to be leveraged by Oracle sales and marketing over time
Cloud Specializations
  • Oracle Partners have the opportunity to earn specialized status for a particular focus area, by meeting globally consistent business and competency criteria that are specific to each specialization. Partners can choose to specialize from a wide range of solutions from Oracle’s growing product portfolio. The Specialization Catalog offers a consolidated view of all qualifying specializations launched and planned as part of the OPN Specialized.
    Review the Specializations Catalog for a listing of qualifying Cloud Specializations.
  • Advanced Specialization is a program element where specialized partners at the Gold and Platinum levels can showcase the depth and breadth of their global implementation resources. To qualify for an Advanced Specialization, eligible partners must meet standard business and competency criteria for a particular Specialization plus have on staff 50 or more Oracle Certified Implementation Specialists in that product set. Because Advanced Specialization demonstrates the partner’s depth and capacity, the count of 50 Certified Implementation Specialists must be based on 50 unique individuals passing the Certified Implementation Specialist exams, not on the number of exams passed, regardless of whether multiple exams count towards a single Specialization. So, if two different exams qualify for the specialization and one individual takes both, that individual counts only as a single individual. If multiple exams are required for a single Specialization, they partner does not have to have on staff 50 Certified Implementation Specialists for each exam. The count is based on 50 individuals across any of the exams that apply to that Specialization area and which apply to that specific product set.
Implementation Specialists
  • Oracle Certified Cloud Implementation Specialists are individuals who have passed proctored implementation exams for specific Cloud products.
  • The count of total Oracle Certified Implementation Specialists must be based on unique individuals passing Oracle Certified Cloud Implementation Specialist exams. So, if an individual has passed two different exams, that individual counts only as a single individual.
  • The count of Oracle Certified Cloud Implementation Specialists required to qualify for the Premier tier is in addition to those Oracle Certified Cloud Implementation Specialists required in any Specializations that are counted towards meeting criteria.
Repeatable cloud solutions

To meet the Repeatable Cloud Solutions criteria, a partner may create and have approved either of the following:

  • Repeatable Cloud Solutions registered and approved through the Oracle Cloud Solutions Tool are a combination of Oracle's and our partner's intellectual capital, products and/or services that have an integrated focus on a particular business problem which drives customer value. The Solution and all relevant documentation must be housed and updated within Cloud Solutions Tool. Solutions will be reviewed and will require approval in Cloud Solutions Tool by OPN and Cloud team management. To gain access to the Cloud Solutions Tool, a partner must have attained the Cloud Select designation and ensure sponsorship from an Oracle account team.
    Learn more and request access to the Cloud Solutions Tool.
Applications on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Oracle Cloud Marketplace offers a platform for software vendors to showcase their applications that interoperate with Oracle Cloud solutions. Applications are formally validated and approved for publishing on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

    Learn more about integrating your application with Oracle Cloud solutions and publishing on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.
Dedicated Oracle Cloud focused resources

Partner's staffing requirements are fulfilled by their providing the contact information for each type of staff member in their application for the Cloud designation. Oracle may contact that individual to validate their role with respect to Oracle Cloud business.

Integrated Cloud Applications & Platform Services