Stakeholder Preference Studies

The preferences of key stakeholders, such as patients, physicians, and caregivers, should be central to your product evidence strategy. Evidence of your stakeholders’ preferences can support clinical development, patient engagement, physician communication, endpoint optimization in clinical studies, and regulatory submissions. Our experienced team can help you measure exactly what patients and physicians value, the attributes or outcomes that matter to them most, and the benefit and risk trade-offs they’re willing to make when deciding on a treatment.

Stakeholder preference study solutions

Understand stakeholder preferences to improve your product strategies and regulatory submissions.

Drawing patient preferences into focus

We help pharmaceutical companies understand what matters most to patients. With our support, you can discover your patients’ feelings on therapeutic risks and benefits, identify key product attributes that resonate with patients and healthcare professionals, and contrast preferences between these groups. We can also assess the importance of clinical and non-clinical attributes across diverse stakeholders and determine patients' propensity to prefer your product.

An insightful range of preference methodologies

We can help you select the best techniques to assess, understand, and analyze how patients make choices or express preferences among alternatives. We’ll recommend the optimal stated preference methodology, such as concept elicitation, discrete choice experiment (DCE), or best-worst scaling (BWS), to help you meet research objectives. Our team leverages various recruiting methods, including established panels and physician/site recruiting, to ensure the right respondents and an appropriate degree of precision in identifying participants, sites, and investigators for your specific study.

An experienced team with a proven track record

Our team is composed of researchers, methodologists, and statisticians who bring extensive experience across therapeutic areas. Our team has been involved with more than 100 preference studies, gauging the importance that patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders place on different treatment attributes and outcomes. We’ve supported more than 200 health outcome publications in recent years and have access to a broad, international spectrum of seasoned medical professionals.

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