Adtech and martech come together to create a seamless customer journey

An ever-increasing focus on experiences and digital content is causing adtech and martech to converge

A seamless customer journey requires a complete understanding of your prospects and customers, allowing you to serve them at any given moment. Customers are consuming digital content available on new advertising channels, including podcasts, video streaming, connected television (CTV), and online gaming. These new channels are providing digital marketers more chances to engage their prospects with targeted messaging.

Adtech and martech are starting to converge due to this focus on digital content and the drive to provide better and more relevant experiences. The convergence can help digital marketers craft more engaging customer journeys.

Optimize advertising investments
Having the right data and context to understand the best prospects for your products, finding the prospects where they’ll be most open to your message, and ensuring they have the opportunity to see and interact with your advertising enables you to get the highest return from each impression.

Create a single view of the customer
A single view of the customer across business functions allows marketing teams to create real-time, personalized experiences that can meet rapidly changing customer expectations.

Integrate adtech and martech systems
Having the two systems integrated and communicating with each other can give you a complete view of your customer. Delivering great customer experiences requires unified data and business processes that span marketing, sales, service, logistics, billing, and revenue recognition.

Simplify martech stacks
Technologies that are integrated help support seamless customer journeys, from consideration to adoption and advocacy.

Focus on marketing automation and AI
The convergence enables AI technologies to have a greater impact and create more efficiencies in work processes and ad investments. They also can improve experiences with real-time decisions by applying AI and machine learning.

Have marketing lead the way in CX
Marketing is at the center of many touchpoints people have with your brand, from advertising to store experience to customer service. This puts CMOs in a prime position to lead their brands to a period of recovery and growth. Doing so requires focusing on the total customer experience, including everything from consideration (advertising) to engaging with prospects and customers pre-and post-sale (martech).

Oracle brings adtech and martech together

Marketing leaders strive to deliver proactive, relevant experiences consistently across integrated advertising and marketing channels to drive better business outcomes.

  • Begin your relationship with customers before they buy by delivering your advertising to the right audience—in the most relevant context on digital and television—and have the insights to know what’s working best
  • Respond to signals in the customer’s immediate time of need quickly and efficiently across every touchpoint
  • Adapt experiences in real time and build stronger relationships by empowering whoever gets to the customer first
  • Save money and create efficiencies by streamlining processes and technology to ensure agility in an uncertain economy

Why martech and adtech with Oracle?

Why martech and adtech with Oracle?

Make every impression more valuable
As a brand or agency, you’re tasked with delivering more for your advertising investments: more efficiencies, more brand impact, more revenue Publishers and platforms are focused on differentiation and driving sales. We bring clarity to the chaos of advertising data and technology with award-winning solutions that span fraud protection and maximizing ad spend, to audience delivery and customized brand safety, to cross-media measurement and optimization.

Connected data: unlimited, real time, comprehensive
Data is in our DNA—we’ve been working with data for more than 40 years. So, we’ve built APIs and applications that collect and connect large amounts of customer behavioral or demographic data in real time, enriching it with the most relevant information from your front office, back office, and third-party apps. This way, you can have the most comprehensive customer profiles possible to leverage in your customer interactions. Real-time data is especially helpful to buyers when they’re doing their research online (which everyone is), so being able to orchestrate those in-the-moment experiences online, in the buyer's time of need, has become an imperative.

Make every interaction with your brand matter
We make experiences simple by enabling intelligent, in-the-moment interactions across advertising, marketing, sales, commerce, service, and loyalty. By doing so, we orchestrate relevant, personalized experiences that adapt to behavior, at scale. With Oracle CX, we make even the most complex processes intuitive, flexible, and intelligent.

Scalability and speed: open, extensible, built for growth
Nothing matters if you don’t have a connected platform that can handle the kind of scalability and speed necessary to collect, analyze, and leverage data. Oracle provides a scalable, reliable, and secure platform and turnkey integrations across front- and back-office applications to ensure that information is shared in minutes, instead of days or weeks. In today’s economy, that’s critical to an organization’s survival.

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