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Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer

Oracle brings its complete portfolio of public cloud services and Oracle Fusion SaaS applications into your data center so you can reduce data center costs, upgrade legacy applications using modern services, and meet your most demanding data residency and latency requirements.

IDC on the value of complete public cloud services in your data center (14:26)

Infographic: Winning with Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer

Reap the benefits of the public cloud without customer data ever leaving your data center. Learn how Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer makes it possible.

Solution Brief: Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer

Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer brings all the benefits and features of Oracle Cloud directly to your on-premises data center. Read the Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer solution brief to learn how you can harness the power of Oracle’s complete public cloud services in your data center.

Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer vs. AWS Outposts

Learn more about the advantages Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer provides in terms of services, price-performance, support, SLAs, and security compared to AWS.

Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer capabilities

Self-contained cloud region

Oracle delivers all of its public cloud capabilities on premises, starting from $500k/month on a consumption-based commitment. No other cloud provider delivers a fully featured public cloud with all services on premises.

1. Racks physically secured and managed by Oracle
2. Customer’s racks
3. Oracle Cloud Operations personnel
4. Customer’s data center power and cooling
5. Customer’s floor space
6. Customer’s data center personnel
7. Physical access cage

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Bring all of Oracle’s public cloud services to your data center

- Easily modernize your legacy applications using any combination of Oracle’s 50+ public cloud services and Autonomous Database.

- Increase agility and innovation by accessing new cloud services and features on premises as soon as Oracle makes them available in public cloud regions.

- Lower your cost of running on-premises workloads with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s industry-leading price-performance and highest levels of security.

- The only product to offer a fully integrated cloud experience on premises for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS (including Oracle SaaS applications such as ERP–Financials and HCM).

Public cloud economics

- Pay only for services you consume using the same predictable low pricing that Oracle offers in public cloud regions.

- Reduce high-performance computing (HPC) workload costs by up to 44% compared to AWS.

- Reduce your database administration costs by up to 80% and refocus resources on innovation with Autonomous Database on Cloud@Customer.

- Consolidate database systems and applications on a highly available and secure cloud infrastructure in order to create operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

- Obtain up to 2X better price-performance than AWS with general-purpose and memory-optimized instances.

Security of the public cloud

- Security-first design—clean hardware and firmware, strong tenant isolation, least privilege everywhere, and continuous monitoring.

- Only Oracle certifies services for SOC 1, SOC 2, and ISO 27001, 27017, 27018 compliance at no additional cost.

- Default data encryption at rest and in transit, with customer-controlled keys stored in FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified hardware.

- Zero downtime patching and OS management—access new security updates as Oracle makes them available in public cloud regions.

- Security zone deployment—day one enforcement of prescriptive security policies and best practices.

- Automated, always-on cloud security posture management and remediation.

Meet data residency and latency requirements

- Meet your most-demanding data residency and data privacy requirements.

- Designed for single-tenant usage, helping you implement additional isolation controls to guard data and workloads.

- A self-contained region where all data, including API operations and metadata, remain local to the region.

- Implement additional physical security controls to protect sensitive workloads and data.

Consistency in operations and development experience

- Rely on the exact same tools and APIs available in Oracle’s public cloud regions for a truly consistent development experience for on-premises workloads.

- Use multiple dedicated regions to create high availability and business continuity solutions, either in-country or globally.

- Complementary to Oracle’s expanding public cloud region footprint, enabling customers to pick the right deployment model to match workload needs.

- Deploy seamlessly between on premises and public cloud without any compromises on functionality or developer experience compared to AWS and Azure.

- Oracle is responsible for all operations, including hardware support and capacity management, so customers can focus on business priorities.

- Customers can request a capacity increase or new compute shapes to accommodate changing business needs.

Read about our customers' success stories

Explore more customer stories
Nomura Research Institute (NRI) upgrades applications with modern cloud services while meeting local data residency requirements

“With Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, we can use Oracle Exadata as a cloud service and achieve greater agility, such as seamless expansion, while maintaining high availability at the same level as on-premises. Built in our own datacenter, it enables us to not only provide SOC2 reports based on Japanese security standards in financial industries, but it also allows us to access broader cloud services and tools provided by Oracle and further increase our business value for our customers. With Oracle's Dedicated Region, we can significantly reduce our on-premises costs and invest more in our digital transformation.”

Tomoshiro Takemoto
Senior Corporate Managing Director, NRI

Sultanate of Oman strengthens digital economy with Oracle Dedicated Region

“Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer enables a variety of use cases, from migrating Oracle ERP and CRM applications to deploying custom developed applications using Oracle Database, as well as implementing Digital Innovation Services (Blockchain, AI, Big Data) and High-Performance Computing (HPC), all while following the country regulations regarding data sovereignty.”

Said Al-Mandhari
CEO, Oman ICT Group

Australian Data Centres secures government workloads with OCI

“[Oracle Dedicated Region] is a major step toward enabling more choice for government to access world-leading cloud services, in a data centre managed by a 100% Australian sovereign company, focused on connectivity, security, and simplified deployment. Critically, [Oracle Dedicated Region] addresses data hosting sovereignty, enhanced security and performance attributes required to accelerate Governments shift to the cloud services.”

Rob Kelly
Managing Director, Australian Data Centres

Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer use cases

  • Run latency-sensitive applications with data locality requirements on a fully managed cloud region

    Oracle manages infrastructure operations and availability so that customers can focus on business innovation. Run 24/7 trading and exchange platforms at desired single-digit millisecond latencies. Deliver banking, payment processing, and risk management services to customers and financial clients from in-country locations to meet data locality requirements. Easily apply analytics and machine learning services to health management systems which need to remain on premises due to data and latency processing requirements.

  • Consolidate legacy apps on high-performance cloud infrastructure that comes with SLAs and tools to modernize

    Seamlessly lift and shift legacy workloads using any of Oracle Cloud’s services, such as bare-metal compute, VMs, and GPUs; database services such as Autonomous Database; and container-based services like Container Engine for Kubernetes. Consolidate workloads on a single platform to dramatically improve TCO without requiring rearchitecture. Access a full set of development services such as Oracle’s API Gateway and Events Service products to incrementally modernize the stack, reducing the risk and expense of adopting new technologies. Run applications with the same SLAs for availability, manageability, and performance as in Oracle’s public cloud regions, and bring cloud services closer to data and applications that won’t move to the public cloud for several years.

  • Run an entire portfolio of IT workloads on a single-tenant, flexible cloud infrastructure

    Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer enables customers—such as sovereign nations—to run all their IT services on a single-tenant cloud infrastructure with physical control of infrastructure and data to help meet the most demanding data sovereignty requirements. Securely store and process data that needs to remain either on premises, for example in countries where there is no Oracle public region, or where a public cloud region is not an option.

  • Read the solution brief (PDF)

Infographic: Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer

Learn about the advantages of Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer compared to Microsoft Azure Stack Hub

MARCH 3, 2021

Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer: Experience the cloud anywhere

Sriram Subramanian, Research director, IDC

Enterprise adoption of cloud-based infrastructure has been increasing steadily. International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts the global enterprise spending on public cloud infrastructure to surpass that of traditional IT infrastructure by 2022. According to the recent IDC Worldwide Server Workloads Forecast more than 40% of all categories of enterprise workloads and most of certain workloads, such as content and collaboration applications, application development and testing, and web serving applications, will deploy on cloud-based infrastructure by 2024.

Read the full article

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