Full Stack Disaster Recovery

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Full Stack Disaster Recovery orchestrates the transition of compute, database, and applications between OCI regions from around the globe with a single click. Customers can automate the steps needed to recover one or more business systems without redesigning or re-architecting existing infrastructure, databases, or applications and without needing specialized management or conversion servers.

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OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery features

Built-in integration with the OCI stack

Full Stack DR is tightly integrated with OCI services for compute instances and dedicated virtual machine (VM) hosts as well as boot volumes, block volumes, and file storage to replicate storage between primary and standby regions. Full Stack DR is also fully integrated with Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Base Database Service, and Oracle Exadata Database Service.

Single-click DR plan creation

Full Stack DR uses built-in intelligence to generate DR plans for Oracle applications and infrastructure.

Fully orchestrated DR plan execution

All steps are fully automated and no human intervention is needed to transition compute, databases, and applications to a standby region.

Extensible DR plans

Customers can tailor DR plans to meet unique requirements. DR plans are fully extensible, allowing the integration of any type of custom automation, including shell scripts and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Functions.

Precheck to validate the readiness of the application stack

Full Stack DR performs comprehensive prechecks before a DR plan is executed to ensure the recovery operation will succeed in the standby region.

Manage any deployment topology

Full Stack DR does not dictate or require customers to follow a particular DR deployment architecture for business systems. Customers simply provision storage, networks, compute, databases, middleware, applications, and other services in the manner they are accustomed to in OCI.

Serverless disaster recovery as a service

Full Stack DR does not require any specialized infrastructure or conversion, administration, snapshot, or management servers.

Monitor and manage live recovery operations

Visually observe a recovery operation every step of the way through the OCI console. Customers can also pause, resume, or cancel a recovery operation at any point in the process.

Fast deployment using APIs

Quickly create DR protection groups and DR plans and deploy resources using REST APIs, CLI, SDK, Terraform, and Resource Manager.

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Full Stack Disaster Recovery—short videos

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Add and manage orchestrated recovery across OCI regions for your existing business systems

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