Digital Experience for Communications

Improve customer experience by providing consistent marketing, sales, and service across all of your digital channels. Use SaaS software to configure products and bundles across your sales systems and automate provisioning and orchestration.

Deliver personalized, consistent buying experiences for your customers.

Personalize experiences and grow revenue from 5G services

Launch new services faster with KPI metrics-driven offer design

Use predictive performance analytics to create new, revise existing, and retire old offers with a centralized design experience. Launch new products and offers to market quickly with an easy-to-use, intuitive design interface built specifically for business users.

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Acquire new customers and make them loyal

Increase your subscriber base by sending personalized offers based on customer segmentation, behavior, and usage.

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Deliver a personalized and consistent buying experience

Make it easy for customers to complete purchases on the channel of their choice with options to change channels anytime while preserving full context.

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Resolve issues faster to increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn

Deliver full self-service customer care across billing, orders, offers, and subscriptions via omnichannel interactions. Create positive customer engagements, reduce cost of service, and reduce customer churn.

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“Oracle Digital Experience for Communications gives us the agility and rich functionality to transform the way we engage with customers, improve our employee experience, drive operational excellence, and reduce costs.”

Alexander Mohri

Head of Strategy, Swisscom

Orchestrate and fulfill orders efficiently

Dynamically orchestrate your customer orders quickly with Automated fulfillment. Accurately and rapidly process large volumes of customer orders on any network type.

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Monetize emerging business models and revenue streams

Rate any metric, attribute, and combination of payment options. Charge for service usage and provide balance information in real time and at massive scale.

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Increase business agility and lower IT costs

Increase business agility and lower IT costs with TM Forum Open Digital Architecture and open APIs. Rapidly deploy new services while maintaining interoperability with existing systems.

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